Thursday, December 13, 2018

Playing Eraser With His Grandpa

Who would have thought that "erasers" are still the happening "toys" that my children are still playing with. When I was young, my friends would bring our stash of rectangular erasers to school. The purpose-to be the best eraser player or whatever we called it back then. Fast forward 25 years and my kids especially my son is now getting hooked to his erasers. Ha :D Well..well...who would have thought right?

What are the two of you doing? 

Playing with erasers?

Who will win? 


Apparently he has been playing this eraser game with his friends for quite some time in his after school care-cum-tuition. I honestly thought that digital toys such as smartphones have taken over the roles played by the more "traditional" toys. How wrong was I! My son seems to be really enjoying his erasers, flicking them in a showdown against his opponents-his friends, his mother, his sister, me and now his latest victim his grandfather. :p

I am glad that he is not addicted to smartphones at all...partly because I forbid him from playing any games using smartphone.  So it is really a happy sight to see him playing with something that I can relate to. No more worrying about play time which will be detrimental to his eyesight. Phew! In fact, I bought a lot of " Pokemon" erasers for him to play with his buddies in school. Hopefully he will be one of the best eraser flicker around. LOL :D

Look at his serious face!

 Grandpa is beaming while playing with his grandson.
Glad that my dad loves to spend time playing with his grandchildren.

Nothing beats play time right...especially when you get to "bully" your old grandpa. LOL :D