Monday, September 10, 2018

Asthmatic Coughs + Damaged Laptop Display

It has not been a good month for me to say the least. First and foremost, I was down with a terrible bout of coughing with phlegm which threatens to suffocate me from time to time. In four weeks' time I have been to 3 different doctors; two western and one traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The first week when I was "attacked", I opted to treat myself by drinking plenty of water but my condition actually deteriorates further. Big mistake. Then I consulted a doctor who used less than 1 minute to diagnose me. Still it was useless!

I wish I could shoot my cough and phlegm away!

Then the second week, I visited TCM who used more around 5 minutes to diagnose me. Besides using stethoscope, she also checked my pulse to get a more accurate reading of my condition. After that she prescribed herbs to be taken by me for 4 days. 4 days had gone, and I was no where near to recovery. Yesterday marked one of the worst days of my illness as I was again attacked by a series of suffocating coughing while I was driving. It was so bad that I had divert to the nearest clinic for treatment.

Tried several other herbs on my way...

I told the doctor about my condition and she immediately diagnosed my condition. Using the stethoscope, she realized that phlegm is in my lungs which caused my breathing to be difficult. Coupled with inflammation to my throat, my whole condition is actually kinda bad. The doctor quickly asked the nurse to bring me to another room in inhale something which will broaden my airway (as seen in picture  number 1).  This is the first time I was hooked to such a thing in my life. Damn!

In the end, I had to rely on western medication again!

After that I actually felt better (of course...otherwise...). I met with the doctor again and she explained to me what was happening to me. She then meticulously explained to me every single drug that she prescribed for me. She explained that I would be getting steroid! What? STEROID? Apparently it is needed to fasten the recovery of my inflamed throat. She also mentioned that I would be getting a stronger dose of antibiotic since the first one prescribed by the first doctor didn't work. Right now I am feeling way better. Phew! Hopefully I will truly recover soon.

Yeah~both me and my laptop are sick!

As for my lack of updates for my blog...besides struggling with my terrible cough, I am currently trying to adapt to the new size of my laptop display. I think I accidentally cracked the top left of my laptop display, causing that particular part to be totally useless right now. RM400 is needed to repair the damaged screen, but then again it will mean that I will not get to use my laptop for work or blogging for a few days. SO? Well I guess I have to get used to it then. Any company want to sponsor a laptop for me? Bahahaha :D

That's how the display of my laptop is right now...I hope "it" won't spread.