Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo Joined Juventus After Being Betrayed By Florentino Perez

Ronaldo will fire Juventus to Champions League glory

It is official. Cristiano Ronaldo who is the best footballer in the world has ditched Real Madrid to join Juventus. The 5 times Ballon d'Or winner ended his 9-year tenure at Real Madrid with a move to Turin. It is reported that Ronaldo decided to move after a rift with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez over a new contract. I honestly believe that Florentino was stupid to think that Ronaldo is not important anymore.

It's better to move on when you are not being appreciated.

Cristiano Ronaldo who was obviously sick of Florentino Perez's lack of respect demanded for a transfer request to Juventus with a Serie A record of €100 million. Although Real Madrid were willing to match Juventus' gross salary of €55 million annually (approximately $64.5 million), Ronaldo still opted to leave. So I assume that Real Madrid was only forced to hike the salary package of Ronaldo to stop him ffrom leaving the Spanish giant. Too bad that Florentino has done too much damage for any reconciliation.

He had helped Real Madrid to achieve so many triumphs.

Although some ignorant Spanish big wigs (Florentino, Tebas) will claim that Ronaldo's departure will mean nothing as he is replaceable, I beg to differ. Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best player Real Madrid has ever seen in a decade or even in its history. After nine seasons, 450 goals, 4 Champions League titles and four Ballon d'Or awards, Ronaldo has certainly cemented his legendary status in Real Madrid. I doubt that any modern player can surpass his achievement in the future.

He can still execute magical moments like this!

Tebas-the president of La Liga mentioned that Ronaldo is not bigger than La Liga and that his absence will not be missed. His opinion is totally wrong as many people support Real Madrid or even watch the La Liga just to catch a glimpse of Ronaldo and his rivalry against Messi. Real Madrid has lost their talisman, their alpha and omega, the only one who was capable of scoring a goal per game last season.

Of course Juventus' fans are going crazy!

Of course I wanted Ronaldo to stay at Real Madrid but it is better to head for the door when you are being constantly insulted. Ronaldo is a brand himself and I foresee La Liga's business and viewership to be affected after this. Heck! The only reason I am rooting for Real Madrid is because of Cristiano Ronaldo. Now that he is gone, I will be a big fan of Juventus from now onwards. I expect Serie A football's viewership to increase exponentially next season to say the less and Juventus will of course reap the rewards that Ronaldo's branding brings.

Ronaldo was of course diplomatic and graceful in his exit, not firing any parting shots which he should have done. He is his full statement for Real Madrid fans after his transfer to Juventus:

"These years at Real Madrid and in this city of Madrid have quite possibly be the happiest years of my life. I only have feelings of great gratitude to this club, to the fans and to the city. I can only give thanks to all of them for the love and affection that I have received.

"However, I feel that the time has come to begin a new stage of my life and that is why I have asked the club to accept my transfer. I feel it this way and I am asking everyone, and especially my fans, to please understand me.

"These have been nine of the most absolutely marvelous years. These have been nine unique years. This for me has been a very emotional time, full of deliberating, although difficult because Real Madrid is at a very demanding and high level but I know very well that I will never forget that here I have enjoyed football in a unique way.

"I have had fabulous teammates, both on the field and in the dressing room. I have felt the warmth of an incredible fan base and together we have conquered three straight Champions Leagues titles and four Champions League titles over five years. And together with them in addition, on an individual level, I have had the satisfaction of having won four Ballons d'Or and three Golden Boots, all during my tenure at this most immense and extraordinary club.

"Real Madrid has won my heart and that of my family and it is because of that, now more than ever, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the club, to the President, to the directors, to my teammates, to all the staff, the doctors, the physios and all the incredible people who work there in each of their capacities and who pay tireless attention to every little detail.

"Infinite thanks once more to our supporters and thanks also to Spanish football. During these nine exciting years I have come up against great players. My respect and recognition to all of them.

"I have thought a lot and I know that the moment has come for a new cycle. I am leaving but I will always feel that this jersey, this badge and the Santiago Bernabéu are mine, no matter where I am.

"Thanks to everyone and, of course, as I said the first time in our stadium nine years ago: ¡Hala Madrid!"

Cristiano Ronaldo will be spearheading Juventus' attack next season!

What do you think? I honestly believe that he can still deliver despite the fact that he is considered "old" by his critics back in Real Madrid. I wish Cristiano Ronaldo all the best in Turin and may he still bang in the goals to spur him and Juventus to greater heights. I am surely he will. OK! It is time to unfollow and unlike Real Madrid's Facebook page and off I am heading to Juventus'. Period!