Monday, July 2, 2018

5 Most Common Traffic Violations in Los Angeles

More often than not, a lot of traffic violations can be avoided to prevent getting yourself into terrible trouble. Traffic tickets cost a ton. Having a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney by your side can literally save your license and your job and in certain cases even your very own life. Of course, the best way to deal with traffic tickets is to avoid getting one in the first place. Here are five common mistakes to avoid when driving in Los Angeles. 

Always make sure that your eyes are on the road

1. Speeding
Speed traps are a thing. Always keep a close eye on speed limit signs, road construction and any sudden changes in your surroundings – especially in residential areas. Remember than even 5–10 miles over the speed limit can cost you hundreds of dollars in added fees and even demerit points, so don’t risk it. 

2. Driving Under the Influence 
Don’t make the common mistake of confusing DUI with being drunk. Everyone is different, but even a drink or two can send many people over the 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration limit. If you’re going to drink at all, have a designated driver or hail a cab. 

3. Red Light Violations 
Los Angeles has plenty of red light cameras to capture any infractions. Your best bet is to assume someone is always watching. If you come to a flashing red light late at night, remember you still need to treat it like a four-way stop. 

4. Not Following Stop Signs
Rolling slowly past a stop sign will still get you a ticket if you don’t come to a complete stop. The same thing goes for turning right on a red light: It’s legal, but you have to stop first. 

5. Traffic Accidents 
Accidents are extremely costly – especially if someone gets injured – and may even involve jail time if you leave the scene. Many accidents in Los Angeles are caused by driving while distracted with phone calls or text messages. It’s better to go hands-free or wait until you reach your destination. 

One mistake can wreck it all!

Staying attentive and driving smart lets you avoid most situations that lead to traffic tickets. If something goes wrong and you do get pulled over, contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Good lawyers – like the ones at The Ticket Clinic – know what steps to take right away to avoid added problems and to fight ticket Los Angeles.