Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Maxis: Watch World Cup at Only RM1 Per Match Without Using Your Data

Malaysian football fans rejoice! If you are a Maxis subscribers, you will be able to watch your favourite football teams or players in action in Russia with just RM1 per match without using any of your already-limited data. Of course it will be better to watch the live action on your 70-inch LED TV right? Or bask in the ambiance, cheering your team with your friends at eateries right? But what if you do not have access to TVs or mamak stalls or while making dodol with your family. :)

Maxis World Cup Passes in your hand at RM1.

Yes! If you still want to be in the thick of the action and you only have your smartphone or tablet at your disposal, fret not because Maxis will let you enjoy your World Cup. Ha :D By just paying RM1.00 (US$0.25), you can watch any World Cup  (per) match without using any of your Internet data. So no more missing important goals and fouls while you are in the staring room (toilet), answering loud nature call(s). So you will be like...empp...emmmppp....GOOOALLLLL! LOL :D


Watch World Cup while making dodol with your family in kampung. :)

This super convenience to watch World Cup at RM1 per match is made possible thanks to the partnership between Maxis and Astro. With this World Cup Passes, you get to watch any of the 64 World Cup Matches in HD! Yes, by paying RM1 and you get watch your World Cup Match in High Definition on the Maxis 4G network without depleting your Internet Data. Sounds like a GOAL to me!

How To Subscribe or Purchase World Cup Passes:
  1. Purchase the passes for your desired match through Maxis or Hotlink application.
  2. Please purchase your passes 3 hours before the match. (Sale of respective passes will be unavailable 3 hours before kickoff).
  3. Upon confirmation of purchase, coupon code will be sent within 2 hours.
  4. Redeem your code HERE to start watching.

As mentioned earlier, the sale of respective passes will not be available 3 hours before the kickoff The good news is, the pass for any match that you want to watch can be purchased NOW in advance. Woohoo! So if you know that you want to watch that match between Messi and Ronaldo, purchase your ticket now. The first match of 2018 World Cup between Saudi Arabia and Russia will be taking place this Thursday, 14th June 2018 at 11.00p.m. Malaysian Time. Don't miss the curtain raiser folks!

With World Cup Passes now you can even catch the live action while...making Ketupat. :D