Monday, June 4, 2018

Making Pizzas With My Two Babies [PICS]

Sometimes eating out in a pizza restaurant is not very convenient and not to mention the cost, especially those with service charge. Ha :D Hence today wifey decided that instead of going all the way to Pizza Hut or Domino Pizza, we should just make own very own pizzas at home while watching movie. So after preparing all the ingredients that are needed to make our (a~hem) over perfect homemade pizza, wifey started by laying the crust that we have grabbed from a hypermarket earlier. Then? Toppings of course.

It's Pizza time!

In total we made 3 different pizzas. Besides wanting to have a meal that is lighter on our pockets, wifey actually planned this pizzas-making sessions for our little Jordan and Jasmine (though they are not little anymore) to have some fun in the kitchen. Both of them of course enjoyed themselves while listening to their mama's instructions on what to do and not to be done. They were obviously excited especially when you can "decorate" the pizzas. Ha :D

The secret sauce. Shhhhhh.... 

Salmon. :D

First thing first, after adding the "secret sauce" that my wifey had made, the kids started to throw the toppings on top of the dough. It is quite hilarious looking at how they try to arrange their custom-made, perfect-looking pizzas. They were quite picky and refrained from adding what they didn't such as tomatoes, capsicum and mushrooms just to name a few. Honestly it was far from flawless and my wife had to intervene and...did some adjustments to make sure that the pizzas look like...pizzas. LOL :p

Ready to slide this into the flaming oven!

Last but not least after scattering all those shredded cheese on top of all the toppings, our pizzas were ready for their next destination and off they were whisked into the oven, waiting to be burnt...I mean baked. If I am not took around...15 minutes at 180 degree Celsius to bake our homemade pizzas. My Jordan waited excitingly for his own handmade pizzas. He sure felt proud of himself. Ha :D this ok!

If you smeeelllll what the oven is cooking! 

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Waiting...for my Pizza.

All in all I think we utterly enjoyed our very own homemade pizzas. Making them with our very own hands somehow made them taste extremely scrumptious. LOL :D I exaggerated a little bit but the sight of your beloved children enjoying themselves in the kitchen to make their own pizzas does make everything yummier. So have you tried making your own homamde pizza before? :D

Ok~Let's dig in. :D