Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hanging Out With Grandpa [PICS]

It is customary and necessary for Jordan and Jasmine to visit their maternal grandfather as often as they can and today we touched down again at the City of Rain-Taiping. Though the journey is relatively long (approximately 6 hours), both of them seem to have been accustomed to such travelling demand. In fact they are quite excited about their homecoming this time so much so that they have started packing their bags a few days earlier. I believe both Jordan and Jasmine really, really miss their grandfather. Ha :D

The sunset in Taiping looks more beautiful? :)

No reunion is complete without eating dinner with your old folk right? So as usual we all went to have our meals at our usual hangout near Aulong-555 Kopitiam. I think we have dined in this stretch of eateries quite a few times. Besides familiar ambiance, we love eating out here due to its unbelievable cheap price tag (more on this later). After ordering our food and beverages, we spent time catching up with each other. Grandpa was interested to know how his two little mischievous rascals are doing in school. :p

Yep! Here is where we had our dinner.

Sounds cliche but time really flies. Gone were the days when they could only blabber comically at their grandpa; Now both of them spoke well in mandarin and could convey their messages across quite easily...of course...after all they are now 8 years old and 7 years old respectively. Yeah! It felt like only yesterday I cradled them in my arms out of the labour room. Now...they would attempt to debate with you in any possible way that they could. So the notion that says, "Wait till they speak!" rings so well here.

My little princess Jasmine. :D

Wifey and his little man. :D

Yours truly me. :D

So back to our reunion dinner. We had the usual white rice, fried fish with chili and minced garlic, Marmite chicken, lotus roots soup and the stir-fried oily vegetables. The fish was crispy and both the chili and garlic complemented the perfectly cooked fish so well. Of course my favourite dish would be the Marmite Fried Chicken. This dish was simply tantalizing and of course it whetted my appetite to have more fattening white rice. I have to admit that the restaurants in Taiping serve better Marmite Chicken than my hometown.

Let's makan. :) 

Father-in-law enjoying his dinner. 

The soup was good right?

Likewise the combination of lotus root soup with peanuts and pork ribs was equally as good on our palette. This was evident when both our little kiddos grabbed their spoons and shoveled the broth into their tiny mouths repeatedly. Then again...maybe it was...salty. LOL :D The last dish to round up our simple dinner was the oily green leaves and some carrots. For someone who hates vegetables, I think this dish ticked all the boxes to be more than merely edible. Besides being succulent and tasty, the oily texture of the dish helped a lot as well I guess.
The Lotus Root Soup. 

Appetizing Marmite Chicken 

Crunchy deep fried fish. 

The oily-yet-yummy vegetables. *Dang! My photography skill sucks!*

After stuffing our tummies with food, we moved on to our next destination to burn off some calories-shopping. Once we arrived at Tesco, my father-in-law headed to get a trolley and both of his grandchildren rushed to jump into the metal "cage" that they used to ride in when they were younger and off weeeeeee went shopping. I am sure grandpa will reminisce about such moments from time to time.

Jasmine, "Yay! We are in our cage again bro!"

Off we go to...

After grabbing some stuff that we wanted to purchase, we strayed a bit and went sightseeing. I guess our dinner earlier was too appetizing that it made us hungry for more. Our next pit stop was-Texas Chicken. YES! We walked in and ordered a few pieces of chickens, fries and some nuggets for our supper. Goodness! The fried chicken was crunchy and scrumptious and the newly-deep-fried nuggets were crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside which made our supper a no-so-sinful indulgence. 3 words to sum-up our extra pounds gained: Finger Licking Good!...Buurpppp...

Texas Chicken for supper: which was kinda unplanned. :p

Last but not least we trudged our extra baggage back to our car and and headed towards our home. It was truly a rewarding outing for us: just ask our tummies. Bahahahaha :D But...really, I think we did spend some quality moments together doing what we love. I am sure Jordan and Jasmine will always remember those priceless moments they hang out with their grandpa. :)

Family will always be there for you. :)