Friday, June 15, 2018

Dining In Manhattan Fish Market To Celebrate Wife's Birthday [PICS]

Some time ago, yours truly me brought my whole family to a fish market in Manhattan to celebrate her birthday. We bought a few mackerels and a huge lobster for us to cook later in the afternoon... OK...that didn't happen of course. And, certainly we did not fly all the way to New York to have seafood. However we did drive all the way to the Manhattan Fish Market in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya to enjoy our tantalizing luncheon to celebrate my wife's birthday. It was an important day for my big baby indeed. :)

Tell us what day is today?

This was perhaps the 5th time we have dined in The Manhattan Fish Market to sample morsels of scrumptious seafood. I first tasted how good it is like 8 years ago back in KLCC. Since then I have always tried to have a bite of this lip-smacking seafood from Manhattan whenever I can such as in MidValley. This goes to show how I approve of this restaurant. *thumbs up* I am glad that last year, The Manhattan Fish Market has finally realized that Malaccans are rich enough to enjoy our platters of fish and chips and give us our very own Fish Market from Manhattan right here in Mahkota Parade. Ha :D

 Wait! Wait! Wait...I want to say something...

 Happy Birthday Mommy! :)

My little Jasmine was shy as usual. :p

OK! If I could have dined in Malacca, why would I take all the trouble to go to IOI City Mall in Putrajaya to eat a plate of Spaghetti in The Manhattan Fish Market over there? You will find out in one of my posts in the future. :p Like I have aforementioned, this meal was supposed to be my wife's birthday celebration...hence it had to be an awesome one at least in terms of portions. That was exactly what we did, by ordering a lot for us to feast on. :D

Mushroom soup as our appetizer.

Altogether we ordered 4 different dishes plus one soup of the day to gratify our hunger pangs. The first dish to land on our table was my Mediterranean Baked Dory (RM24). The flavourful blend of herbs and spices really baked the dory fillet to perfection, making it succulent and oozing with spicy goodness. Mix this spiciness of the fish and the aromatic garlic herb rice and you will have luscious tingling sensation in your mouth. *drooling*

My delicious Mediterranean Baked Dory

The next dish to be served was the mouth-watering Olio Shrimp (RM24) which was arguably the best pasta meal I have ever eaten in my entire life. The spaghetti was flawlessly cooked till it was 'al dante'-not too chewy and yet not overly mushy as well. Likewise Olio Shrimp would not be complete without these huge, succulent shrimp which tasted so fresh that I could not stop myself from having another...and another. Lastly a few dash of garlic and chili flakes totally complemented the spaghetti and shrimps, making this Olio Shrimp dish a fiery delight.

 Unbelievably good Olio Shrimp!

She loves it. :) 

I love her...I mean I love it too. :D

As for little Jordan and Jasmine, their taste buds were not fully accustomed to seafood yet. Therefore we needed a special order for them; One that they were familiar with...fries...egg and something cheesy. Both of them shared Fishy Chicky Bang Bang (RM25) which I thought sounded really hilarious. Bahahahaha :D Ok..back to the Bang Bang dish: Besides fries and egg, the main star for this dish was the heavenly match of dory and chicken, which sandwiched the irresistible cheddar cheese in the middle. Unfortunately there was some leftover which was green...of course. :p

Fishy Chicky Bang Bang-A cheesy delight inside out.

Last but not least, our most "gempak" (awesome) dish to arrive last was the Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter. It made quite a grand entrance, forcing us to be fixated by the burning flames, dancing in sync to blaze the huge, juicy lobster *drooling* (RM152). The sweetness of the fresh lobster made me yearning for more while I sucked my juicy fingers (gosh! This sounded so wrong). Though I am not a big fan of mussels, the garlic herb helped me review my opinion of the clams. You can never go wrong with fried calamari and crispy fish fingers as my two kids had shown. :)

 Here comes the highlight of our luncheon!


If you smeeelllll......

Look at how the fire dances with the dead lobster! :D

My wife, Jordan, Jasmine and I had a unbelievable feast at The Manhattan Fish that we would not forget for a long time to come. Besides being so finger-licking good-Good, the food was of big portion and each of them was bursting with their own unique unmistakable flavours. Will we dine in The Manhattan Fish Market again? Definitely as it can be considered as the  De Facto seafood restaurant of our choice. :)

 Our Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter *drooling*

Happy Birthday my one and only wife. :p
I love you~Muack 😘

We wish that each of us had another stomach on that day. We could barely move with our bloated tummy towards the end. No picture to show. Sorry. Buuuuuurppppp....