Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant At Desa Aman Puri-Serves The Best Tiramisu Cake

The other day when I visited my beloved brother in Kuala Lumpur, he treated us to a fine luncheon at a well-known called Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant somewhere around Desa Aman Puri. Located strategically along the main room, you can easily spot this maroon red restaurant from a distance. According to my brother, this place serves excellent and authentic Italian food at an unbelievabley affordable price which is really rare in KL.

Bel Pasto-Italian Restaurant

We were lucky to find ourselves a table as this restaurant is usually brimming with customers who could not resist the flavourful, aromatic Italian cuisines. After scrutinizing the menu and placing our orders, we looked around to enjoy the settings and decor in the restaurant. Everything in Bel Pasto looked and felt Italian, right from the tables and chairs to the wallpapers used and the wooden finish for the doors and windows. Even the lighting added that unmistakable romantic Italian touch to the whole restaurant, allowing patrons to bask in a wonderful and inviting ambiance while enjoying their meals.

Appetizer, creamy soup with fresh mushroom chunks. 

Perfectly done garlic bread.

10 minutes later, our food was finally served and the first dish to made it to our table was *drumroll* the soup of the day-mushroom soup. The broth was really tantalizing with chunks of mushrooms delightfully scattered all over the soup. It was thick, creamy and yet smooth on the palate. If you dine in an Italian restaurant, what goes well with mushroom soup? Garlic bread of course. The Parmesan bread was sliced just at the right thickness, making it a pleasure to enjoy crispiness of the Italian appetizer. Splattered with butter, some zesty cheese, generous amount of garlic and of course a hint of black pepper gave the bread its luscious taste. Yum! Yum!

Do you like the mushroom soup Jasmine girl? :) 

Garlic bread and mushroom soup are the perfect combination.

After sampling the morsels of crispy garlic bread and the scrumptious mushroom soup, our main course meals finally were finally served. It would not feel right to have our mini banquet without ordering something truly Italian right? So we ordered 2 pizzas for our luncheon that afternoon. The first was chicken pepperoni pizza and the latter was Hawaiian Chicken pizza with perky pineapple chunks. Both were equally toothsome, with savoury thin crust and titillating gooey cheese, peppered with fragrant oregano and basil. *drooling* :p

My beloved wifey-My model for the day. :p

 Hand-tossed pepperoni chicken pizza.

Crispy Hawaiian Chicken Pizza.

We took our own sweet time, slowly munching our pieces of cheesy pizzas while enjoying the  the Italian milieu in the little chic restaurant. As for my daddy, well...he preferred something not too Italian...something he was more comfortable with-chicken. So he placed an order for black pepper chicken with fries and fresh salad dressed with Thousand Island Sauce. Well he seemed to be  quite content with his tender chicken chop with black pepper sauce, no? :D

You will never go wrong with black pepper chicken right dad? :) 

Daddy and my brother. :)

Obviously he was digging it.

Here comes the highlight of the day: Tiramisu Dessert Cake. Yupe! If you had patronized Bel Pasto before, you would have known how good their Tiramisu Dessert Cake is right, hands down! In fact a lot come to Bel Pasto just to savour their famous Italian confection. I honestly believe the Tiramisu Cake is the best I have tried in my entire life. Our slice of coffee-flavoured dessert was layered with mixture of sugar, cheese, cocoa, eggs and of course coffee. OMG! The moment you shovel it into your gaping, watery mouth, the divine tang of the tiramisu will immediately burst in your mouth, lathering every single taste buds on your tongue. Each piece of this gratifying dessert will only cost you RM8.90 which is really cheap. Ha :D

Are you ready for the "main course"? 

 Behold the famous Tiramisu Dessert Cake

OMG...look at the inviting layers of cake... 

Meticulously prepared.

 Are you drooling already?

Each piece is only RM8.90.
You can order 1KG of this special Bel Pasto Tiramisu cake at only RM44.

My wife loved it.

I guess words alone will not suffice to describe how good the food was at Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant, especially the Tiramisu dessert cake. Of course my photos do not do any justice as well. If you are near the Desa Aman Puri, do head over to this Latin restaurant to have your lunch or dinner (they operate at two different time) with family and friends. You will surely enjoy the casual and cosy setting and the great food of course.

Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant

23A, 2, Jalan Desa 2/2, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Operating Hours:
11a.m.-3p.m. and 6p.m. -11p.m. Open every day except Tuesday.

011-1041 2110

Two thumbs up! We will be back to Bel Pasto again soon.



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Tekkaus | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer: Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant At Desa Aman Puri-Serves The Best Tiramisu Cake
Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant At Desa Aman Puri-Serves The Best Tiramisu Cake
Head over to Bel Pasto for authentic and affordable Italian food in a very comfortable environment. Their pizzas, garlic bread and mushroom soup are must-try. But the best food here is their dessert-Tiramisu Cake. In fact I believe they serve the best Tiramisu Cake in KL. Go Italian now!
Tekkaus | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer
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