Saturday, June 9, 2018

5 Bad Food For Belly & 6 Pack Abs

Everyone of us dream of having slim, model-figure (if we were a chick) and perfectly chiseled body of a lifeguard (if we were a man). With countless TV shows parading perfect bodes to turn our eyes green, it is no wonder that the pressure of looking good or healthy is even more pressing than before. Some of us hit the tarmac and to burn the stubborn belly fat while some have converted into gym rats to pump irons; some even resort to plastic surgery for the ideal nip and tuck (think liposuction) and some have completely given up on becoming healthy. So can we still have flat tummy and 6 pack abs?

Belly Bad For You

We can actually. However instead of just focusing on our workout, we need to divert our attention to what we shovel into our mouth. As the saying goes, "We are what we eat." And if we were to eat foods that are bad for our belly, of course we will not be seeing any toned, chiseled 6-pack abs like Cristiano Ronaldo has anytime soon. In other words, there are foods that are very, very bad for our belly, which are preventing us from being slim. Worse still, these bad foods can even destroy your 6-pack abs that you have spent so much time on.

5 Bad Foods For Belly & 6 Pack Abs

1. Sweeteners
Regardless of whether it is natural or artificial, none of them is actually beneficial for our belly. Scientifically, sugar alcohols and low-carb sweeteners which are naturally available in foods cannot pass through our cell walls easily. When this happens, our gut bacteria must first digest these sweeteners which will later cause gas and bloating.
Spot them: Vegetables (mushrooms, cauliflowers), some fruits (apples, pears, peaches) and artificial sweeteners.


2. High Fibre
Our body does not have the ability yo digest fructan, which is a kind of fibre. Fructan will cause flatulence or intestinal gas which is of course will be detrimental to our health in the long run.
Spot them: Vegetables (onions, garlic), legumes (kidney beans, soybeans), grains (wheat, barley) and additives (inulin).


3. Carb-rich Foods
If our meals are densely packed with carbohydrate, it will change the balance of our gut flora, causing inflammation to happen. When foods have high ratio of carb (grams) in relative to their weight, then these foods are known to be carb-rich foods. Take for example, a little potato tip the scale at 180 grams but it is mostly water and only 23% of it is made up of carbs. On the contrary, a plain rice cake  might only weigh nine grams but 80% of it is carbs.
Spot them: bagels, pasta, cereals, white rice and bread.

Asians' favourite staple-white rice.

4. Mr. Beans
Some of Mr. Bean antics are difficult to stomach and the goes to beans which happen to contain a lot of raffinose, which our body has a hard time digesting due to its complexity.
Spot them: Some nuts (pistachios, cashews) and most beans of course.

Beans anyone?

5. Fructose Overload
An apple a day doesn't necessarily keeps the doctor away. Foods which are overloaded with a lot of fructose compared with glucose will trigger bloating and explosive diarrhea (ok...maybe not that much firepower). LOL :D
Spot them: some fruits (mangoes, apples, watermelons) and vegetables (sugar snap peas, asparagus)

So an apple a day is not really going to keep the doctors at bay huh.

Wow...if that is the case yours truly me is actually eating a lot of foods which are really bad for my belly internally and worse still my beautifully chiseled 6-pack abs. Ok...just kidding I don't have any 6-pack to begin with. LOL :D But I have really gained a lot of weight these few years after the birth of my 2 babies. Guess it is time to cut down on these 5 bad foods and start working out even more!

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