Wednesday, June 6, 2018

4 Things That Girls Want From Men

A lot of men mentioned that it is getting increasingly difficult to find that special girl whom they will have plenty of happy moments with. Although this claim is not totally unfounded, instinctively speaking girls around the world are still the same. Before we men can even think about walking down the aisle with the girl of our life, we must first give them a lasting good impression. And then win their trust and that is when (hopefully) you will hear wedding bells. So here is the low-down on what girls want and how you can deliver. Here are 4 simple tips to win the heart of your dream girl.

4 Things That Girls Want From Men

1. It Is OK To Have Flaws
Girls will get really scared and nervous if a guy is too buttery smooth. Yupe! Being to overly-suave might bother girls, prompting them to feel that you are up to one of your number's game. However, if a guy who is naturally shy steels his nerve to talk to a girl whom he admires...this will be a huge brownie point for you.

As long as we are together, nothing else really matters.

2. It's The Thought That Counts
If a girl loves you, she will not want you to splurge all the time to bring her to fancy places so that she can snap Instagramable photos to flaunt. Of course, girls do love nice things to say the least. Then again, if she holds you dearly in her heart a Michael Kors bag is the same as a Cornetto ice cream. Of course she can show the former off to her friends but it really has got nothing to do with what you actually give her. It is the thought that matters.

3. Beauty is Only Skin Deep
Remember to talk about her character and personality. So uttering things like, "You are a very helpful person" or "you are beautiful" are most welcomed. Do not blurt out lines such as you are hot or sexy which will not bode well in the long run. What you say will have to mean something important and she wants to be incomparable. All girls who are committed in a relationship would want assurance and she wants to be the only girl in your eyes (cue Rihanna). Use your heart to see her.

You can learn a lot from this song. :D

4. Be A Gentleman
First and foremost don't kiss and tell: so don't try to show that you are really wanted. Secondly a gentleman usually does not gossip-girls do. Be yourself and do not try to pretend to be whom you are not. Last but not least about the Gentleman's Code is to never expect a girl to pay for the bill on a first date.

Real men still do this.

So there you go guys: 4 tips to be a better man so that you can be with the girl of your life. Remember that nothing worthwhile comes easily. If it is difficult, it does not mean that you are not going to succeed. Be confident in yourself and try your best to make her happy because all in is the thought that counts. :)