Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Reasons Oral Hygiene Is Damn Important

There is this saying, "put your money where your mouth is." Though it's not directly related to oral hygiene, it pays to literally spend more money (oral care) and time on what's in your mouth. It's time we start reevaluating our oral hygiene even more. Yours truly me is guilty of this negligence as well. We should all be aware that our teeth are our lifelong, indispensable assets that need our constant attention- not just when you feel pain. So it's time for us to watch our mouth before it's too late.

Watch your mouth!

1-Just The Two of Us
Like it or not...we only have 2 sets of teeth. We are no Mr. Justin Beaver with their huge wood gnawing teeth which keeps growing. We are only blessed with two sets of teeth for the rest of ours life.  Milk teeth during our infancy and adult teeth when we start munching more tooth decaying food. Ha 😅 Besides rendering you to look ugly if your teeth are missing, losing our adult teeth will also cause lasting regrettable impact on how and what we eat. Dang...imagine you could only smell the fragrance if smoked bacon but not way them.

Poor oral hygiene could kill us...

2 Gummy Gum Diseases
Just when you think what happens in your mouth stays in your mouth,  you'll be shocked (or not) to discover that our oral health is related with a whole bunch of other systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (think heart attack?), diabetes, Alzheimer's and various cancers (yikes!) just to name a few. That's why we need to make sure not only our teeth are clean...but everywhere in the mouth as well. Don't forget to floss on a daily basis to prevent plague build-up which effects the vitality of our gums.

That's how you brush them. :D

3 Quality Is More Than Quantity
Surprise! Surprise! Just when you think that the more you brush your teeth,  the better your oral hygiene will be... you are wrong. It's way better to brush your teeth effectively twice a day rather than brushing 10 times daily but in a bad way. In other words, it's all about quality instead of quantity. Focus on your brushing technique to make sure you're cleaning your teeth effectively for the full recommended 2 minutes. Yes! 2 minutes instead of 12 seconds.

You stink!

4 Bad Breath...Ewwwwww
By now you should know that no sane person would want to sniff at anybody's bad breath. Why did we have bad breath? The direct answer is bad breath is a build-up of bacteria in your mouth especially your teeth. Bad breath is not only unpleasant but might also indicate something is wrong with your health. Hence we must make sure that we floss and rinse with mouthwash  to remove all the unwanted foods particles from our mouth. Having said so,  getting a tongue scrapper will also help you to eliminate Dragon breath. Roooaarrrrrr!

Don't be lazy to brush your teeth.

5 No Pain No Gain?
Nope... when you feel pain in your mouth,  you'll definitely lose something instead of gaining. So what happens after being infiltrated with all those nasty gum disease-PAIN! if we just choose to ignore the pain, it'll actually worsen. Make sure you visit your dentist (my worst nightmare) every 6 to 12 months to ensure our teeth are always in tip top condition. Your dentist will be able to catch cavities and other gum diseases earlier, which also means treatment will be less painful and lighter in your pocket as well.

There you go folks-5 reasons to upgrade your oral hygiene so that you'll enjoy a better quality of life. Remember not toem take your teeth for granted of you'll be sorry for life and you can kiss all those delicious food that you love indulging in goodbye. 🤤