Friday, March 10, 2017

Clever Ways to Save when You Travel

Ah, travel. The salve to many a first world problem. As much as we love the idea of packing our bags and disappearing on a one-way ticket to some exotic island when the hustle of our daily routine gets too intense, the pursuit of adventure does not always come cheap.

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But lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to cut costs and travel on the cheap whilst still making the most of your getaway. The best thing about this is that is leaves you with a bit more spending money to enjoy once you actually get to your destination.

Here are some handy tips on how to slash prices on flights, hotels and beyond.

Don’t rule out indirect flights
The rule of thumb for the budget traveller is to always book your tickets during off-peak seasons. Now with that in mind, here are two other ways for you to cut your costs even further. If you have time that you can afford to spare, consider booking a flight with a stopover. There are plenty of sites that will allow you to search for indirect routes and these tend to be way cheaper than direct flight options. Alternatively, if you plan on visiting popular cities on the map, look for flights that land in less-popular neighbouring locations that are close to your final destination as they tend to be way more affordable. Find out about the country’s public transport system and hop on a bus or train to your intended destination. It might take a little more time but it’ll definitely cheaper.

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Use deals and savings websites
Now you’ve probably already heard of these but they’re extremely useful for scouring the internet for deals and promotions on airline tickets, tours, hotels and the list goes on. Saleduck for example, aggregates deals from popular local and international travel sites such as Agoda, Air Asia Go and Expedia. What this means is that you’ll get access to a plethora of ongoing savings and deals from a bunch of different travel sites within a single platform. Not only does this save you on time but you’ll also get the chance to stumble upon bargains that you wouldn’t have known about in the first place.

Book a private room in a hostel instead of a hotel
Unless you’re cool with a shared dorm then do that instead. But if you value your privacy and a little bit of luxury ( hello, ensuite bathroom) opt for a private room in a hostel instead of spending those extra few bucks on a hotel room. With so many hostels going the boutique route and offering souped up private suites at a fraction of the price of hotels, you’ll get plenty of comfort whilst still being kind to your pocket.

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Save on currency exchange
Withdrawing money in a foreign country can cost you A LOT in added charges. Which is why we prefer withdrawing larger sums of money at home. You can always change it back to your local currency if don’t spend it all while you’re away. Just be extra cautious and remember to not store all your money in the same place. If possible, convert some of the cash into travellers cheques as an added security measure.