Monday, March 2, 2015

Playing With Pop Pop During Chinese New Year

What comes to your mind when we talk about Chinese New Year? Besides Ang Pow (money $$$), good food and great will never miss the crack of fireworks right? In other words, if there is no firecrackers being let loose during the 15 days of Chinese New Year, the festival will not be complete. Although firecrackers have been outlawed in my country-Malaysia, purebred Chinese know it makes our blood curdle to be able to light the auspicious fireworks.

 photo 01 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsnvtlah7d.jpg
Pop Pop! Still remember this folks?

 photo 02 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsnovu1ehb.jpg
Brings back some good old memories right?

 photo 03 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpslpap0vbn.jpg looks different now right?

Haih *sigh* I truly missed the days when I was happily igniting the wick-like fuse of the firecrackers and witnessed how the "Dragons" stormed into the vacant dark skies, exploding into different glorious hues! Those were the days. Now...I cringe at the thought of running into cops who were looking for preys. Perhaps I am thinking too much? I should have continued this tradition of mine and just play with firecrackers? Anyone of you who hear about police going around catching people who play fireworks?

 photo 04 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsvztt3ro2.jpg
Are you guys ready to play?

 photo 05 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zps8rahuhfh.jpg
Jordan: "Ok, enough posing Ah Mei! Let's play!"

However it would be quite a pity if my two little babies-Jordan and Jasmine, don't get to play with firecrackers or something similar to it. Of course they would not get their hands on those highly explosive stuffs loaded with tonnes of gun powder. This Chinese New Year is the very first time they got to play with something that "explode" a little bit. Heard of Pop Pop? Ha :D Yes, this is the best thing that they could play with. And they surely enjoyed every single one of it. They were so thrilled to throw these little tubular "grenades" that burst upon contact with the ground.

 photo 06 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsjxw9udn7.jpg
Ok~let's throw them. :D

 photo 07 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsshnyjrcj.jpg
Be careful ok both of you. :)

 photo 08 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsmpho2blx.jpg
Both of them are enjoying their Pop Pop!

Jordan and Jasmine were at first quite amused to see these colourful little firecrackers. Then I demonstrated to them how it should be played. Initially both of them were terrified when the little Pop Pop exploded upon crashing the ground. However after I have spent some time cooing them and persuade them it is totally harmless, the started to lower their defenses and pick up their "grenades". After one or two throw...they have begun to be addicted to it. Instead of throwing one at a time...they just grabbed a handful of the Pop Pop and just flung onto the flood. The loud "explosions" tickled them and they were truly excited. Ha :D

Pop pop~:D

I am glad that I could allow them to savour a few of life's precious moments. So do you guys enjoy yourselves? Hurling missiles at people and laugh at their expenses. Yupe! Both of them can be so naughty that they actually threw a lot of those "Pop Pop" at my wife and me. Young and innocent huh! Well~at least they are not afraid to toy with something a wee dangerous for them. Hmm...maybe next year we should be a bit more dangerous? Perhaps we should upgrade our pyrotechnic department? :p