Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Devoted Wifey Cooks Us Dinner

Sometimes it is easy to forget how much someone has done for us; Sometimes it is easy to take for granted what someone has sacrificed for us; Sometimes...or most of the time it is easy for us just to assume that what is being done for us are something that we should expect of...This goes to show how ignorant we are with the blessings that have been endowed to us. Yours truly, is guilty of such "crime" as well. Sometimes it is easy for me to forget that my wife is really a gift from God.

 photo 01MyDevotedWifeyCooksUsDinner_zps9d7a7a1a.jpg
The place where my wife will be immediately after she is back at home.

Almost every day after work my wife will cook us dinner. After clocking her card and rushed off to the babysitter's place to pick up our babies, my wife will head home thinking about what she will be cooking for us for dinner. Once she arrived which is usually almost 7p.m, she will immediately goes to the kitchen to start preparing our dinner. I am sure my wife is very exhausted, yet she insisted on cooking for us every day. That's her unwavering dedication for us.

 photo 02MyDevotedWifeyCooksUsDinner_zps3dc0042f.jpg
Wifey wants us to eat healthy, yummy dinner every day. :)

Despite being a career woman, my wife is still very much intact to her maternal side that champions her family over herself. Now how many working women who will still cook for the family once they reach home after work at around 7p.m.? Not many; And many more rely on either their mother or mother-in-law if not their maid; Or "better still", a lot choose to eat out because it is more convenient. Another important reason why my wife insist that she cooks for us is because she wants me and our babies to eat healthy food-meals that are not peppered with MSG.

 photo 03MyDevotedWifeyCooksUsDinner_zps20892977.jpg
This is how our scrumptious dinner will look like. :D

Honestly I know I am really lucky to have someone like my wife to care for me and our family. I am really counting my blessings and I thank God for sending an angel to be my guardian, truly I do. I will always do my best to appreciate my wife for what she has done for me. My devoted wife is my superwoman! I love you wifey~Muack :-X