Saturday, December 7, 2013

Porridge @ Yoke Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant

It was a rarity that I would get to eat porridge when I am in my second home-Taiping. Being a rice-y kind of guy...or in fact most Malaysians' staple food are rice, eating porridge just doesn't seem that right to me. Not satiating either to say the least. But thanks to my father-in-law, I had a wonderful dinner eating porridge at Yoke Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant recently. A fresh, welcome change indeed. :)

 photo 01PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpse9158eda.jpg
You won't miss this huge billboard.

 photo 02PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpsa5fa947e.jpg
Welcome to Yoke Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant.

 photo 03PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps6bb687cf.jpg
Gotta place our orders immediately. :p

It was pretty late (me and my babies overslept our afternoon naps :p) to have heavy dinner back then, so my father-in-law suggested that we try something lighter as in porridge. We happily obliged as we had not been to this restaurant before. Once we arrived, we could see that many tables had been occupied and people were waiting for their dinner to be served. Obviously the food here must be quite toothsome!

 photo 05PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpsb81575da.jpg
While waiting~Jordan boy was busy entertaining himself and us.

 photo 04PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpsfeebcab3.jpg
Jordan boy "headbutting" his grandpa.

 photo 06PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps7033b53c.jpg
YOU~cheeky little boy. :D

 photo 07PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps1bb0863b.jpg
Yours truly and my little princess.

 photo 08PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps19a3fd54.jpg
You are hungry already Jasmine girl?

 photo 09PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps806310ca.jpg
Food is coming. :D

After placing our order, we excitedly waited for our huge pot of porridge. We chit-chatted a bit to stave off the nagging hunger pangs. Cheeky Jordan was busy playing with his grandpa while little Jasmine girl was quietly checking out her new toy-keychain. A moment later it started to drizzle and that was why our hot steaming porridge that came later was really enticing. Ha :D I can't but feel happy while eating porridge on a rainy day. It makes me feel warm and cozy.

 photo 10PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps40a5703f.jpg
Our porridge is here....finally!

 photo 11PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps7665aa14.jpg
But wait...have to stir it right.

 photo 12PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpscc355760.jpg
And now...finally

 photo 13PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpsa06e8ca7.jpg
Dinner is served. :D

Served in a huge clay pot, the billowing scent of porridge immediately made our gaping mouth wet. We were drooling when the fragrance broth was stirred to give it a more balanced texture. The sight of those luscious meatballs didn't help at all! Then one by one, our bowls were filled with our dinner-PORRIDGE. Once I shoveled them porridge into my mouth, my taste buds were sent into frenzy modes. The porridge was really sweet and flavourful.

 photo 14PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zpsf682f2aa.jpg
I love the fish fillet which was really supple, sweet and fresh.

 photo 15PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps0f5c1e52.jpg
Father-in-law enjoying his porridge.

 photo 16PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps5aff29c7.jpg
So do you enjoy yours wifey? :D

The porridge was oozing with the sweetness of those huge meatballs and fresh fish fillets. I must admit that I had not eaten any porridge as delicious as this for a long, long time. It was really smooth and creamy. When I was done licking my bowl, the pot was squeaky clean empty as well. Guess everyone was really hungry. How I wish I could have another bowl of porridge. Perhaps another visit next time? I heard they have other good recommendations such as Asam Steamed Dragon Grouper, Ginger Steamed Lala and Salad Prawn. So if you happen to be in the City of Rain, do drop by here for dinner. :)

 photo 17PorridgeYokeFookLauSeafoodRestaurant_zps3b5f8c15.jpg

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 11:00a.m.-3p.m. (Lunch)
Monday-Sunday: 5:30p.m.-12:00a.m. (Dinner)

No. 332A, Jalan Gajah,
Kampung Pokok Asam,
Taiping, 34000 Perak.

Yoke Fook Lau Seafood Restaurant