Thursday, August 1, 2013

Prince George Alexander Louis As A Teen [PIC]

It is inevitable that the baby boy of Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting a lot of attention lately. After all he is a celebrity now right? Ever wonder what Prince George Alexander Louis will look like when he becomes a teenager? Perhaps the following picture (below) created by artist cum photographer D'Lynn Waldron can shed a bit of light. By using age progress portraits and animations, she has created what she predicts Prince George Alexander Louis will look like maybe in 15 years time?

 photo 01PrinceGeorgeAlexanderLouisAsATeen_zps1c76b0c6.jpg
This is what Prince George Alexander Louis will look like as a teen?
Very good looking don't you think?

D'Lynn Waldron created this dashing-looking Prince George Alexander Louis by combining both his parents pictures, taking their respective striking features and blend it into one. She said "My portraits do not predict the future, but only show what it might be in certain circumstances." Then again I would love to look at this picture again and compare the young prince in 15 years' time. Perhaps he might really look like what he has been "predicted" to be? Interesting.

 photo 02PrinceGeorgeAlexanderLouisAsATeen_zps516a8256.jpg
A combination of both William and Kate.

So how was the teenage Prince portrait drawn by D'Lynn Waldron? Apparently she has taken Kate's eyes and nose plus William's mouth and voila you have it-future Prince George Alexander Louis. He seems to be getting mommy's follicle colour as well? Find out more about this portrait from D'Lynn Waldron's website. So do you like this version of future teenage Prince George? I think he look charming and exudes a lot of charisma. By the way I love his name-George Alexander Louis- it's a name that is both independent and regal. :)

 photo 03PrinceGeorgeAlexanderLouisAsATeen_zps4d7421ef.jpg
As for now sleep well little Prince George Alexander Louis. :)