Sunday, July 14, 2013

Napping After Being Scolded & Spanked!

Both my son and my daughter are getting bigger and bigger. My Jordan boy is 3 years old now and his little sister-Jasmine, is turning 2 at the end of the year. Both of them seems to be getting naughtier and naughtier as the days go by. Knowing that they are very precious to my wife and I, both our babies keep on getting on our nerves (most of the time in good ways of course). These two little babies are so naughty and energetic that they refuse to have their afternoon naps even though they are damn tired! SO???

 photo SleepingBaby01_zps779d6073.jpg
After being scolded, finally they "agreed" to sleep.

So daddy-me, will have to be the bad guy! Well...I am always the bad guy. When I try to talk to them nicely, asking them to sleep...they will not listen at all. Both of them will smartly smile at you and continue to run around the house. Then they will be yawning and rubbing their eyes, yet they still refuse to sleep. After too much persuading, I will start to resort to some "brute force". I will carry both of them and force them to lay on the bed. After that I will scold them and even spanked them (the back of their palms). Last but not least I will give them a long, winding lecture. After that only they will be willing to right now. :/

 photo SleepingBaby05_zps3237c46c.jpg
Was  spanked by daddy just now.

 photo SleepingBaby04_zpscc35605c.jpg
"Daddy asked me to close my eyes and sleep."

 photo SleepingBaby03_zps5148a606.jpg
My big boy. :)

 photo SleepingBaby02_zps6f6a1c9d.jpg
My little girl

I can't blame them actually. I know they are too excited to play with each other and us. Then again their afternoon nap is very important for them, so that they will have enough rest to recover. And by sleeping more they will grow taller...not like their old man me. :p Usually after scolding and spanking them...I feel really bad. But as the saying goes one have to be cruel to be kind right? Even I have to be bad to make them good...I will do it even at my expense! Daddy will always love the both of you that's why I am being strict. :p

 photo SleepingBaby06_zps8955dc94.jpg
Sleep well my 2 little precious babies. I love you both~always!