Friday, July 26, 2013

Chicken Pox @#$%^&

I am mortal after all. Yes...what do I think I am right? I am merely a human of course I am susceptible to diseases and 2 days ago I was struck down by Varicella Zoster Virus aka Chicken Pox! I knew something was not right when my lymph node behind my ear swelled. At first I thought it was fatigue...lack of sleep...then it turned out that  I got it. I was a bit feverish and heavy-headed. Next I realized some "bubbles" started to pop up all over my body. Went to a doctor and it was confirmed that chicken pox has got the better of me. Crap!

 photo ChickenPox01_zpsdc1f8f54.jpg
Chicken Pox...

Doctor ordered me to take a few days of medical leave and rest at home. Of course, he didn't want me to transmit this contagious disease to someone else right? So yours truly me have to be quarantined for a few days...maybe weeks...Goodness. Now the red, flaming "bubbles" are ravaging my body and make me feel very irritated. Fortunately I don't feel any itchiness since I did not take any "poisonous" food earlier. I hope this "plight" of mine will end soon. Ha :D

 photo ChickenPox03_zps8b2621d9.jpg
Hopefully it will work its magic.

Even though I get to so-called "rest" at home, I feel really restless. No thanks to the medication-acyclovir, that I have to take every 5 hours. It does disrupt my sleeping time. Besides I have to ensure that my diet is "clean and safe". Meaning that I should not be eating anything poisonous like seafood or chicken...blah~blah~blah~Then again I guess this chicken pox that I have right now is merely a very, very mild infection right? Yeah~just hope that I could go back to work asap and eat the foods that I want. Haha :D

 photo ChickenPox02_zpsc5c52baa.jpg
Thanks to you CHICKEN!