Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kluang Station Serves The Best Nasi Lemak

I have always loved to dine in Kluang Station. Why? Because yours truly me love to savour Nasi Lemak and IMHO Kluang Station is currently serving the best Nasi Lemak in town. I think the food here is a bit better than Old Town and PappaRich. I have been here countless times and I must say that the "fatty rice" that I have sampled is really mouth-watering and the "sambal" is second to none. Goodness~I am drooling while writing this.

 photo 01KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps1614bc46.jpg
Kluang Station~it feels a bit rustic to me. :)

 photo 02KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsb845fb85.jpg
Jordan boy and Jasmine girl.

 photo 03KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsf41509fa.jpg
Mommy's big boy.

 photo 04KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsfae232ee.jpg
Mommy's little girl.

Then again it was little Jordan and Jasmine's first time tasting the food in Kluang Station. Both of them were visibly very excited, especially when it comes to food (just like their mommy :p). After receiving our glossy menus, we had a hard time deciding what to order for all of the food looks so darn appetizing! Maybe because all of the dishes would be served with the same, tastebuds-tantalizing sambal! In the end we ordered the Ayam Masak Merah nasi lemak and Rendang nasi lemak. :)

 photo 05KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsb69ca1f6.jpg
I like the ambiance a lot. :D

 photo 06KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps07aad2cc.jpg
My huge mug of coffee. :p

 photo 07KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsa476b14c.jpg
My wife ordered this~bubble milk tea?

 photo 08KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps9ae95ec0.jpg
My babies half-boiled eggs are here.

 photo 09KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps08648b97.jpg
Mommy preparing the eggs for them.

 photo 10KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps9b3f5e52.jpg
Time to eat.

Personally I love the ambiance in Kluang Station. Unlike the more lavish-looking Old Town or PappaRich, Kluang Station looks simple and yet comfortable at the same time. Dining in Kluang Station gives you that laid-back feeling of "kampung". It feels like you are actually dining in a stall near the railway station. Must be the decoration. Ha :D After a while~my aromatic coffee arrived. Kluang Station's coffee is more aromatic~and not to mention served in bigger mug too.

 photo 15KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps0448c452.jpg
Mommy's Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah is here.

 photo 11KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpse7d55360.jpg
It's time to eat rice.

 photo 12KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps25822308.jpg
Jasmine girl quietly enjoying her rice.

 photo 13KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps9d917893.jpg
What do you think Jordan boy? Are they delicious?

 photo 14KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsb86198a6.jpg
Jordan boy showing his cheeky smile to give his approval. :)

Our babies who were hungry got to enjoy their half-boiled eggs. Yummy! After waiting for around 10 minutes~after lunch was here: My wife's lunch-Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah touched down first. I tried her dish and it was very darn spicy~deliciously spicy to be precise. Shortly after that, I finally got to eat my Nasi Lemak Rendang. I have tried this before as I usually ordered only the normal nasi lemak. The portion was reasonable and spicy enough for me. Aww~how I wish I had ordered another one.

 photo 16KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps71be0417.jpg
My Nasi Lemak Rendang.

 photo 17KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsb9f714c0.jpg
You know it is delicious!

 photo 18KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zpsccff93aa.jpg
The fragrant rice alone is suffice to make me drool non-stop!

So if you ask me: Who serves the best Nasi Lemak in Malacca? My answer would be Kluang Station as the fragrant rice which was cooked with coconut milk was really delicious. You can distinctly feel each grain of the rice as they melt in your mouth. Coupled with the perfectly blended sambal. Such savoury~Aww~Ok! I think I have to go there again for my nasi lemak fix this week. Goodness! So have you tried the nasi lemak here?

 photo 19KluangStationServesTheBestNasiLemak_zps72388773.jpg
Kluang Station serves the best nasi lemak. :)