Saturday, March 2, 2013

Posing In Front of Chinese New Year Decorations In Jusco Aeon [PICS]

I know this snaky Chinese New Year has gone like more than one week already, but that won't stop me from writing this short post about my babies and Chinese New Year decoration. During Chinese New Year, we brought our little ones to Jusco Aeon Melaka to "jalan-jalan" (as in sightseeing). When we came to the centre court we were amazed with the hundreds of beautiful red lanterns being hung there. Our babies were attracted to them as well. We could feel the harmonious yet merry ambiance of Chinese New Year. Aww...

 photo 01PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps365cd95f.jpg
Lanterns galore.

 photo 03PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zpsd8ff7ba6.jpg
The bigger lanterns flanking the main stage.

 photo 02PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps261db8a2.jpg
More lanterns dangling from the top.

My wife and I decided to put both our babies on the stage to take some photos of them with the lanterns as our backdrop. We tries to coaxed Jordan boy to be on the stage to pose for us. We refused to as he was scared (or maybe timid). Then we tried putting our daughter on the stage instead. To our surprise, Jasmine girl was instantly accustomed to her new "environment of lanterns" and she happily posed for us. Upon seeing her little sister on the stage, Jordan wanted to join her as well. :)

 photo 04PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps1ba52233.jpg
Little Jasmine happily standing on the step of the stage.

 photo 05PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps9063e4fc.jpg
Little Jasmine admiring the deco while his brother his making his climb. :p

 photo 06PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps7d552e2a.jpg
Look at how happy little Jasmine is. :)

 photo 07PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps91e4a997.jpg
Sister and brother sitting side by side. Aww...

 photo 08PosingInFrontofChineseNewYearDecorationsInJuscoAeonPICS_zps54af7aa0.jpg

We were so happy to look at our jovial little babies. Little Jasmine was really enjoying the limelight, being on the glorious red stage. It was like she is a star. Haha :D Look at her face. Her beautiful smiles said it all. Jordan boy was also happily tagging along his plucky little sister. Glad we were able to get both of them on this Chinese New Year stage. Priceless photos for remembrance. Shall we do this every year? :)