Friday, October 5, 2012

Jasmine Girl Sitting On Her Own

My Jasmine girl is almost 11 months old now. After practicing for months, finally our Jasmine girl can officially sit on her own. It's really a delight to watch her doing her best day in day out, trying to sit straight from lying position. Now Jasmine girl can easily use one of her hands to help her up. It's like doing push up with one a single hand. Speaking about leverage huh! I am glad that my wife and I are taking care of our little ones every day.

What are you doing Jasmine girl?

Photobucket are sitting on your own?

Aww...I love the look on her face. :)

We can see how our babies grow up every single day; It's funny to see their clumsy antics. My wife and I can't help but laugh when our little Jasmine can't balance herself and falls to her side. The look on her face can really makes us burst out laughing. Ha :D These are the little things that make my wife and I feel so happy. We are so blessed. All our sleepless night and exhaustion are immediately wiped away when she smiles at us. We are lucky to have Jasmine and Jordan in our lives. Thank you Dear God. I will always cherish the moment I have with my wife and babies. :)

My precious little Jasmine girl.