Monday, August 6, 2012

Lee Chong Wei Is Our Olympic GOLD Medal

Isn't that obvious? We Malaysians keep on looking for our very first Olympic Gold Medal...not knowing that we actually have one in our sight for a very long, long time. Our wait for that elusive glittering medal had been answered by Lee Chong Wei ever since he dons our country's stripes. Lee Chong Wei is our Olympic Gold Medal and no one can take the credits away from him. His commitment, his dedication, his unconditional love and his loyalty for Malaysia is second to none. Don't you agree?

Lee Chong Wei-Malaysia's greatest Olympian!

I admit that I was really crestfallen to see Lin Dan beat Chong Wei in their epic finale. It was a nerve-wreaking experience and I watched how our hero fell. I really, really prayed hard to Chong Wei could beat Lin Dan...not or us...but or himself. He has sacrificed so much and it is only right that he deserves the Olympic Gold Medal. So to see him cried...made my heart ached as well; To know that Lee Chong Wei had been taking painkillers (because of his ankle injury) to play in all his 5 Olympic matches has made me respect him even more! He is risking his future for the sake of our country!

Lee Chong Wei's revelation about playing in pain!

There is no denying that Lee Chong Wei is our greatest Olympian thus far! Winning two Silvers in Olympics is really a herculean feat that no ordinary man can achieve. To see Chong Wei accepted his defeat with humiliation and grace really put him up there among the greats. It doesn't matter.if the medal that he won is not of the desired hues, for Lee Chong Wei is our Olympic Gold Medal! We Malaysians are really, really, really proud of you Lee Chong Wei!

 I just wanna tell him that in our eyes and hearts,
You are our glittering are our Hero;
You-Lee Chong Wei is our Olympic GOLD Medal!