Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily Ice-cold Shower Makes You Healthier

How many of you have the habit of taking shower early in the morning? Yours truly me is one such person. If I don't take a shower before I go to work, I will feel terribly dirty the whole day. I would feel very uncomfortable and this will affect my performance and productivity. That is why I MUST take a shower every morning, or else I would be like a walking garbage! Are you like me, too? do you like your morning shower? I personally would love it to be hot of course. I mean, it is freezing cold in the morning, that's why I don't think it is OK for me to chill myself.

Ice-cold showers make you stronger and healthier!

However a recent research has shown that a daily ice shower can make you healthier. Starting the day with an ice-cold shower may not be appealng at all, but it will make it easier for you (especially men) to build muscle and BURN FAT! Wow! So what's the science behind this discovery? You see when your body is under some frigid, water will increase the level of testosterone in your blood. Elevated levels of this hormone will help you to add lean muscle mass and get rid of your fat!

So start taking FREEZING cold morning showers! Ha :D

Besides giving you more energy, cold showers also strengthen your immune system. According to a study by the Thrombosis Research Institute, those who took cold showers had increased levels of virus-tackling white blood cells compare with those who had hot showers. Apart from making us lean and mean, cold showers also make us healthier! So who wanna take cold showers right now. Brrrrrrr...