Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strolling With My Jordan Boy Along The Riverbank

As usual, I will bring Jordan boy out for his evening stroll. This evening, I decided to bring him to somewhere different. So he felt weird when we didn't take our usual route; Jordan boy knew that we were going to somewhere rather far...the road not taken (by him)...then again he still enjoyed his stroll. But after a while...he got tired. He stopped and hugged my leg, signalling me that he wanted me to carry him, which I did. Poor thing huh! However once we were nearing our destination, he immediately wanted to get down and walk on his own.

Jordan boy~do you know where are you right now?

I am sure Jordan boy couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a river. Yep. I brought him to a den near our home. The riverbanks are so green...decorated by bushes and trees. Jordan boy was ecstatic to see so many people there...there were a few people fishing, playing football, playing cricket with a plank and a takraw ball...some were even sleeping. Guess they really love the riverbanks huh! I let Jordan wandered around for 10 minutes before I brought him home.

I am by the seaside?

Nope~Jordan boy. You are at a riverbank.
Can you people fishing at the back?

Jordan boy has found something that he can play.

Kicking the stone. :D

Along the way home...Jordan boy stumbled upon a road bumper, which he loves so much. He kept on going on and down from the bumper. Since there was no vehicles at all...I allow him to explore. Too bad I didn't snap photos of him conquering the summit of the bumper. Ha :D I actually had to interrupt his "hiking" session and dragged him away from the bumper...can you imagine it? We reached home after walking for approximately 10 minutes.

Let's go home Jordan by.

I really enjoyed my time with my Jordan boy. I can spend all my time with him. I wonder if he will remember this special day as he is not even 2 years old. At least I do. Ha :D Hopefully my daughter will be able to walk soon. Then my wife, Jordan boy, Jasmine girl and I can fly kites together. Isn't this a good idea? We can even fish together beside the riverbank. :p