Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heat Wave Will Be In Malaysia Until September?

That's right folks. Experts have warned that the current heat wave will be staying with us-Malaysians, until September. Gosh~that's like another 4 months to go? I am sure most of us Malaysians are feeling the heat recently, right? What is going wrong? Why am I feeling that the weather is getting hotter and hotter? Global warming is worsening? Just the other day I saw my neighbour installing yet another air-con for his home. That's an obvious tell tale sign, no?

We Malaysians are egg on the frying pan!

Yours truly me have to switch on the air-conditioner every single night for my 3 babies to be sound asleep. I even have to lower the temperature of the air-con to around 23 degrees Celsius (usually it is 25) and switch it on longer than I usually would. Worse still...it even feels hot in the morning. I guess the weather is getting too hot for us to handle huh! It's like we are eggs being fried on a Teflon pan on top of Bunsen burner. LOL :D Should this worsens...we will become "hangus" (burnt). So now what?

P.S.: Sorry that I have been MIA-ing in the blogsphere recently. Been busy but I assure you that I will be back soon. :)