Friday, February 10, 2012

I Know Which Milk Is The Best For My Son!

Gone are the days where mommies are the only ones who care about their little ones. Nowadays more and more dads are stepping up to the fore and help their wives to take care of the children. I dubbed these "men" as the TLC (Tender Loving Care) fathers and I am proud to say that I am one of them. Yes! I am a "mommy" to my 2 kids as well. I am very involved in my children's lives as I don't want to miss anything about them. I wanna be there for them, to protect them.

Jordan boy~he is my everything.

To me nothing is more important than my little angels (except my wife of course). I will put down anything that I am doing immediately just to answer their calls. It is a bliss to watch my two kids sleeping, playing, crying and growing...I have always believed that my kids are blessing from God and that is why I am going to do everything in my might to make sure they are well taken care of with all the love that I can shower them. Don't you feel that same?

Daddy will play with you even when I am sleepy. LOL :D

It is my duty as a "mommy" to ensure that my kids are not only happy but also healthy as well. Hence I was shocked to know that the milk that I was feeding my kids contain a whopping 13 teaspoon of added sugars. I felt guilty about this glaring negligence of mine...then again, how was I to know that they (manufacturers) would put so much added sugars in growing up milk for babies? :( Thank goodness I realized about this after reading it in the newspaper. That is when I have decided to switch the milk that my kids are drinking.

What are you doing Jordan~boy?

Right now my boy is drinking his healthy growing up milk with no added sugars at all. Not only his milk is healthy, it is also highly rich in nutrients for him to be stronger, healthful and most importantly brainier. After switching to this milk, my Jordan boy has shown flashes of his potential. He might not be a genius but he is surely darn smart if you ask me. Sounds a bit far-fetching? It is me. I am going to tell you why in my upcoming post. Wanna know what milk I have switched to?

* drum-roll* The best milk that Jordan is drinking right now. 

To those who have been following me for quite some know I love my son a lot and will always give him the best, that is why I choose Anmum Essential. Yupe! Anmum Essential is the milk that my boy is drinking right now. Don't take my word for it, ask other real, caring mums who have switched to Anmum Essential at Mum Knows Best Facebook Page. Join thousands of other mothers to discuss about what is the best nutritions that we should be giving our little ones. It's time to switch.

I am giving my boy the best. Are you?