Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why I Have Not Been Blogging...

Yes. I have not been blogging that frequent anymore in this brand new year, let alone dropping comments in your blogs. So my apology! Yours truly me, has been unbelievably busy *panting*. Finally I managed to steal some time to blog about why I am being busy. :/ Gosh~as expected...2012 proved to be a hectic year for me. I am so busy that I barely have time to sit down to blog. I guess that was why I set "continue to blog" as one of my 12 new year's resolutions

My Jordan boy and Jasmine girl.

I am enjoying an awesome start to this brilliant dragon-ic year. I was promoted and was rewarded with a 30% increase in salary and of course more workload. My working life has been busy ever since with more plannings needed to be done by me. However the main reason why I am busy is because of my 2 adorable babies. Yupe! Both my son and my daughter are the reasons why I am not writing as regularly as I used to. Once I reach home every day, my time belongs to them. I would be playing with them, singing, cheering them up, feeding them milk and of course, taking care of their poo~poo. :p

All my time belongs to the both of them.

I guess life is never the same anymore once you have a baby huh! Jordan boy can walk right now and I have to tail him all the time until he is asleep. By the time I sing them songs and put them in bed, it will be around 11p.m. already. So I can blog after that right? Not really...when they are sleeping...then only I have the time to do my paperwork not blogging. Moreover my daughter is still very young (2 months old) so she will be waking up every 2 hours for her milk. And each time she will take up around 25 minutes to drink her 5 oz of milk plus burping. Each night she will wake up around 4 to 5 times. So how much time do I have to blog or sleep? You do the calculations ok?

Jordan: "Daddy~Jasmine wants to drink milk too!"