Wednesday, November 30, 2011

16 Years Old Cammi Tse Uses Fox Deity To Seduce Male Celebrities

Still remember 2 years Edison Chen was involved in sex scandal involving at least 7 famous celebrities where their nude photos were plastered all across the internet? Well...apparently Edison Chen did again this year by screwing a barely legal teenage girl. This little girl's fame shot to prominence after her explicit photos with Edison Chen was exposed. She then admitted that Edison Chen has bedded her. Her name was Cammi Tse and she is only 16 years old. such tender age, she has been able to have such unreserved relationship with Edison?

Cammi Tse and her ex-lover, Edison Chen.

This 16 years old Cammi Tse has been reported confirmed to have more of these sexual relationships with at least another 5 male celebrities. Goodness! This little bitch here really loves to romp huh! The latest scandal involved Vincent Wong who recently married Yoyo Chen. It was reported that Cammi Tse was 2 months pregnant with Vincent's baby and she demanded HK$200,000 (RM81,982) to have the baby aborted. But what makes this barely legal girl so attractive to those horny men? I don't think she is even pretty nor does she has a killer-body to begin with... :/

Yoyo Chen (left) broke down mentally and demanded a divorce.

Apparently, according to Hong Kong 3-Weekly report, this 16 years old whore Cammi Tse has been praying to a Fox Deity to seduce men! This news was confirmed by her 2 schoolmates. It is reported that Cammi Tse, who is a model, paid HK$5,000 (RM2,050) to a famous medium to enable her to interact with the Fox Deity which has helped to seduce at least 5 male celebrities! do you believe in the existence of this so-called Fox Deity? I do and I think its presence is still very much strong in our modern society.

Do you think Cammi Tse is beautiful?

I don't think so at all... :/

She's just a girl who is willing to show off her flesh. That's all.

Legend has it that Fox Deity possesses the power to make female believers appear attractive to men. It is believed that with the help of the Fox Deity, a girl will be irresistible to her male targets. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, this Fox Deity has been highly sought after by housewives who want to keep their husbands faithful, preventing them from screwing around. Likewise prostitutes and family-wreaking women have also use the Fox Deity to seduce the men they wanted.

Wanna make your husband faithful to you? Seek the Fox Deity...

P.S.: Yours truly me, was said to be under the spell of a Fox Deity when I was 16 years old. *gasp* What happened then? I don't know. :/

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