Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Happens When You Use Your Handphone While Driving?

More and more of us can afford mobile phones right? The downside of mobile phone is that it is way to portable making it easier for us to carry it around especially while driving. With the advent of smartphones (that make us dumb), it seems that our hands and eyes are glued to these new breed of phones that can do almost everything. And we also happen to do almost everything with our iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC blah~blah~blah while we are driving. When this happens, our eyes are not looking at what we are supposed to look anymore. Then what will happen?

This WILL happen to us if we use our phone while driving!
There is a motorbike. Can you see it?

You see a Honda Crotch Rocket rider was travelling at approximately 85mph (136kmp) when he was about to collide with a Volkswagen which appeared out of nowhere. Apparently the Volkswagen driver was busy talking on her new mobile phone when she pulled out from the side of the street...and unfortunately she didn't notice the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist could not avoid the Volkswagen and crashed into it. The impact was so strong that the motorbike actually smashed into the car and both these vehicles flipped over and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place.

Now can you see the bike INSIDE of the Volkswagen?

Yes...it is a Honda.

I can't imagine anyone surviving this kind of crash...

The motorcyclist was found inside the car together with the driver and her passenger. All 3 of them died instantaneously from the crash. That's no way anyone can survive such a horrific accident. Because of a mobile phone, 3 lives were tragically claimed. This real crashed vehicles (with the corpses removed) was placed at a road safety campaign to give us a stern reminder not to use our mobile phone while we are driving. Remember: Using the phone while you are driving is like drunk-driving. Pass this message to all of your friends who have mobile phones.