Monday, December 20, 2010

My Nokia E72 Has Been Hospitalized!

Yours, truly me, didn't sleep the whole day trying to rescue my Nokia E72. I tried everything in my might to ensure that I didn't have to send it to the "hospital"...but I failed. Now it has officially been admitted to "Nokia Hospital". What had happened actually? Well...for the past few days the camera on my phone is not working anymore. I tried restarting my phone again and again, hoping it will be OK again. Too bad...nothing happened. So this morning I reinstall all the software in the phone and I even did a hard "physical reboot"...but still the camera wouldn't work!

Nokia E72
My Nokia not here...

I wonder what went wrong? Perhaps the software is corrupted? The good news is...this Nokia E72 that my wife bought for me is an original Nokia phone, hence I can still send it to Zitron to be fixed. The bad news least a few weeks is needed before I can meet my phone again. Sad! So for the time being I will be tweeting, updating my Facebook and definitely no foursquaring while I am on the go.Hopefully my Nokia E72 is alright and will get well soon.