Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ghosts In Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca?

Do you think ghosts only appear when the sun has set? Still think you can only bump into those wraiths in the graveyards? Or do you believe that apparitions only manifest themselves in the dark? Think again. These specters are everywhere around is just that our limited vision couldn't see them. Yes...they might be hovering just on top of you while you are reading this post. Can you sense their presence...they are watching over how they have always been.

Ghosts In Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca
Is it true?

Whether you believe in their existence or not, they are real. It doesn't matter if you are a man of faith, they can still haunt you; It doesn't matter if you are a man of God, they can still claim your fragile lives. Like it or not...these spirits can inflict serious injuries onto you if you are not lucky. They draw breath in every corner of our daily lives. Today I am going to tell you something that I have heard...that there are ghosts in Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca. Is it true? Warning: What you are about to read might not be true and you are reading it on your very own risk.

Ghosts In Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca
Have you ever seen what is "behind" of Jusco?

I am not entirely sure about this either..but from a very reliable source who is working in Jusco since its opening...Yes! There are ghosts which are terrorizing the latest shopping complex in Malacca. Barely 1 year after its inception, Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca has been plagued with hauntings. And it all started with the illegal groundbreaking work carried out by the Japanese company. What do I mean by illegal?

Ghosts In Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca
This is not supposed to be blurry...

You see...apparently Jusco had began their construction without proper permission from the so-called Land Deity (土地公) who is protecting the area. Can you guess what happened after that? At least 1 gas worker was killed and 19 were left injured last year in an explosion near the food court of the shopping complex. That happened on the 13th of December 2009. Only after that tragic incident that they seeked protection from the Land deity, but it is too late.

Ghosts In Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca
What's up with Watson?

One year has gone...and the workers in Jusco Aeon are still feeling the presence...some had even encountered these ghosts first hand. Who are these unrests? Why are they still lurking in this modern, sophisticated shopping mall? Words have it that this very ground used to be the place where mass-slaughtering had taken place. Meaning that below those very shiny tiles we are stepping on...lie hundreds of vengeance unrest corpses seeking for revenge? I don't know.

So do you guys wanna know what happened
during these few weeks in this haunted Jusco?

1~A female worker in Watson went to the rest room to answer nature's call. The moment before she lifted herself from the toilet bowl, she could feel something was scratching her back furiously. The clawing was so excruciating that she had to storm out of the rest room before properly tidying herself up. Her back was oozing with blood and traces of clawing could be seen piercing her uniform onto her flesh. She was totally terrified. Period.

2~A few female beauticians were carrying out their daily duty which was to make themselves up before they meet prospective clients. While they were busy powdering themselves and applying mascara for their eyelashes...sudden strong gushes of wind kept on grazing against their faces. But they were in air-conditioned spaces where no wind can pick up easily. The worse part is...they kept on feeling something was staring at them in the mirror...

3~While an assistant manager in a restaurant was busy doing the "closing" (accounts, stocks, timetable etc.) at around 12:30a.m., suddenly he received a mysterious call. Not sensing anything was amiss, he picked up immediately and answered the call...but to his utter surprise no one was at the other end. He kept on asking who was calling him. Still no answer...just before he hang up...he could hear a woman wailing!!! Since that day...he always go back at 11.59p.m. sharp!

4~8 Malay Shamans (Bomoh) had been spotted in the shopping complex 2 weeks ago. They were there at around 2a.m. every day to carry out what they are supposed to do-exorcism. When all the employees had gone home, these shamans began their rituals and started to scatter salt in every shopping lots and around the shopping complex. So did it work?

5~Chinese Taoists were spotted performing rituals early in the morning for several days around the food court. Jusco made some places "off-limits" to allow them to carry out their rituals. I am not entirely sure they were there for how many days but they were seen carrying out their rituals to appease the unrests so that they will walk over to the "light" and reincarnate. Candles, joss sticks, paper money were everywhere. Were their rituals successful?

6~Jusco is upgrading their car parks right now. If you are like me, a loyal Jusco customer, you would have know that currently they are upgrading their parking lots right? Why only know they wanted to put a shelter on each and every one of its parking lots? Why didn't Jusco do this when the construction of the mall was taking place? This is an unprecedented action by a Japanese company known for its effectiveness in planning. Or were they doing something else? Something to do with Feng Shui?

7~The Land Deity has been removed. But why? And where? The Land Deity which was originally located in front of the Jusco has now been relocated? What had happened? I thought once you have erected his "temple", you are not supposed to change it? Hmm...makes me wonder...

Ghosts In Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca
Can you see them?

That is all I can divulge for the time being. Will there be more? I don't know. So are you afraid to go to Jusco Malacca right now? I am not, in fact I still go there like on a weekly basis to grab my groceries. It is up to you whether you believe in this supernatural happening or not. To be more careful, do carry along an amulet to protect you from the unseen. We never know what will happen right? Just ask Emily Roses' family what had happened to her for she was one staunch God believer.