Wednesday, November 10, 2010

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet For Me Please

This morning I was dumbfounded to know that Malaysia will have another new internet provider which is-YTL YES 4G! Now...Streamyx, Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and P1 Wimax will cry and beg for forgiveness. No, this is not just another overhyped wimax kinda thing! Do you know that YTL's YES is the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice? Yupe! That's the very distinct difference apart from the insane speed! YTL Comm is going to launch the 1st 4G Mobile Internet network in the world! OMG! I can't believe this is so happening and we will be able to enjoy YTL YES 4G mobile internet this 19th November 2010. Wow! Only 10 days left! Are you guys ready for YTL YES 4G? I can't wait any longer anymore! And yeah...I am not paid to write this long post. :/

Are you ready to say YES to YTL's YES 4G?

YTL Comm's YES 4G mobile internet is all about convergence. I would like to call it an all-in-one solution for all Malaysians. YTL YES 4G is boosted to be the first converged service in the world! What does this mean? Simply put, instead of subscribing to a voice plan, a mobile internet plan and mobile broadband plan...YES 4G can fulfill all these needs for you. Meaning YTL YES 4G is your all-in-one voice and internet (mobile+broadband)plan! Yes, it is really that simple. OMG! This is what I have been waiting for all this while.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband
YTL's YES 4G mobile broadband comes with voice!

With YTL YES 4G mobile internet, all you need to have is your very own unique YES ID. With your ID you can surd the internet, call or even SMS at the lowest rates on your mobile phone, computer and your laptops! Wait...what happened to the sim card? You don't need any sim card anymore. So now you have your very own all-in-one unbelievable solution. All you need is your...YES ID! Simple right? Are you YES-cited already with YTL's YES 4G mobile internet? I am. It is going to be one heck of a long post. But I am sure are equally intrigued by the prospect of having YES right? So fasten your seatbelt for this will be one very long but rewarding journey for you.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband
YES, now everyone can be connected!

YTL YES 4G provide our mobile internet via a few devices. They have the conventional USB dongle (Go), WIFI hotpsot (Huddle), Phone (Buzz) which is capable of wireless tethering and Home Gateway (Zoom) to whet you appetite. I am sure with these 4 different devices (Go, Huddle, Buzz and Zoom) , your mobile internet hunger will no longer be a problem anymore. Best of all you can log on into these 4 different devices simultaneously. Talking about superior flexibility aye?

Here's what YTL YES 4G can give you!

Who doesn't like speed right? With YES 4G you can now experience the insane fast and furious pace of the internet which is 4 to 5 times than 3G. Imagine all the things that you can do with YTL YES 4G! Ok...before I proceed. Do you know why your 3G internet connection sucks? It is because 3G is originally designed for voice and not for data. And that's how YES 4G came into the picture.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband

YTL YES 4G is designed with the internet in mind. That is why they can provide us with a faster and definitely more reliable internet connection. Moreover YES 4G also provide what they call 100% Digital, QoS (Quality of Sound) voice calls. Yupe! You will enjoy consistent and quality service even though when you are playing online games or streaming HD movies.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband
Say yes to YES. :)

What does it mean when YTL YES 4G can provide you at least 3 times the speed of 3G? Wanna know more? Ready? With YES, it simply means now you can watch any movies or youtube video instantly without having to pause and wait for it to stream; With YES, it simply means you can play your favourite online games in real time without experiencing any lags; With YES, it simply means downloading large files almost instantaneously; With YES you will stay connected...all the time. Yes, you can have all this with YTL's YES!

This is gotta be the main reason why I am going to switch to YES. With YTL's all-n-one YES 4G I don't have to subscribe to multiple plans and being tied down by high monthly commitments! Why didn't our current Telcos (Maxis, Celcom, DiGi etc.) come out with this brilliant idea? Best of all I only need to pay for what I am using. With YES, you don't have to pay for separate plans for data (internet), calls and SMS anymore. All you get from YES is what-you-use-is-what-pay bill. Simple as that. How about pricing? YES will announced the official pricing on the 19th of November and we are promised that the price will be affordable.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband

No more wastage! YES heard my plea. By switching to YTL's YES 4G, my hard-earned money will not be wasted anymore. Again...why? And again the answer is because I only need to pay for what I have used. And here's something that prepaid users will be drooling about. With YES 4G, you credit will never expire and you will not be forced to reload again and again just to keep the line active. Brilliant!

YTL YES 4G mobile internetYTL YES 4G mobile internetYTL YES 4G mobile internet

Coverage must be your most burning question right now right? YTL's YES 4G mobile internet will start off with an amazingly crazy 65% coverage. This is 65% nationwide coverage we are talking about. If you are always on the go...for example while you are blazing down the highway at 120km per can still surf the internet using your YES 4G. This is what 3G has failed to achieve. So now you can surf the net, watch MTVs on youtube, reply to tweets, share photos with your Facebook friends and even playing your online games without being interrupted while you are on journey from Penang to Johor on the North-South Highway. The full list of coverage will be revealed on the 19th of November. So stay tuned folks.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband

You are virtually covered with YTL's YES!

Final Words
Do you know that YTL's YES 4G mobile broadband also allows you to pay and reload online. You can view and track the amount of data you have used, duration of the calls you have made and SMS you have sent. You will also be given rebates. Awesome. Do you know that so far YTL has invested a whopping US$850 million on the YES 4G network. So far 2,500 Samsung's base stations have been deployed across our nation. This is what we call absolute commitment!

Watch the following 3 videos to know more
about YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet

Welcome to Yes


The YES Network!

And yeah...have you booked your unique YES ID and 018 Number already? I have already booked mine. 2 to be precise. One for me and another one is for my wife. OMG! I really, really can't wait for YTL's YES 4G mobile broadband to roll out officially. I am praying very, very darn hard right now. I hope Malacca will be covered by YTL's YES 4G mobile broadband too. Please YTL...YES...please!