Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Nokia E72 Has A Whopping 16GB of Space

Nowadays a smartphone comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons for a user. Gone are the days where we ogled at the tiny black and white screen of Nokia 3310. Phones these days are rolled out to impress just about anyone. Some phones (smartphones) are designed to replace your computer or laptop. That is why you will get tonnes of features cramped into that small phone of yours. Everything you need will pop up at a single touch: camera, video recorder, music player, games, internet, twitter, Facebook, etc. You name it and you will have it.

My Nokia E72 Has A Whopping 16GB of Space
My Nokia E72 with its 16GB of storage space.

Almost every phone is furnished with a camera these days. My Nokia E72 is equipped with a stunning  5Mega-pixel, super crisp camera that doubles up as a high-quality video recorder. What happens if I am a shutter bug, happily snapping tonnes of photos? My phone will run out of space quite easily right? The integrated 250MB of space isn't suffice to hold much stuff. That is why I need...or should I say all smartphones need a memory card slot for them to store their photos, video, music and games.

My Nokia E72 Has A Whopping 16GB of Space
No smartphone is smart without extra storage space.

The moment my wife bought me this Nokia E72, immediately I got myself a larger memory card for I know the enclosed 4GB will not be enough for me. Understand how much memory space your phone can support and get the maximum memory card for you phone. My Nokia E72 can support up to a whopping 16GB of memory card so I got it without any hesitation. I kinda burnt my pocket as it cost me RM140, but then again it is a one-off investment which is really worth my every penny.

My Nokia E72 Has A Whopping 16GB of Space
My preferred choice: SanDisk Micro SDHC!

And one more thing that you have to take note: Make sure the memory card that you purchase is OPTIMIZED for smartphones or multimedia phones. If not your phone will be experiencing lags. That is why I have chosen Sandisk Micro SDHC memory card of my Nokia E72. This type memory card is architectured for fast-blazing performance. I am happy that I still have another whopping 14GB of space at my disposal. Most of my space was taken up by music and tonnes of photos and videos of my little Jordan. So is your smartphone really smart enough?

P.S.: I love my Nokia E72 so much, because I can hot-swap the memory card whenever I want, unlike an iPhone. Wait...iPhone doesn't even have a memory card slot. :p

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