Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Made US$361.37 With Adsense In October 2010

Earning money with Adsense is not easy but I believe it is achievable. I have always believed that I can make some money with Adsense from the first day I started blogging. In fact, Adsense is my top monthly money maker. But I never thought my Adsense earning will reach another high last month after I have earned US$143.64 in September.  I really don't know what to say anymore. I am still dumbfounded myself.

Make Money Blogging,Adsense
You can make money blogging with Adsense

Last month saw my Adsense income etched yet another milestone for my blogging career. I have really earned US$361.37 (RM1115.55) with Adsense last month (October), which is a huge amount of money for me. And this is the first time I have broken the RM1,000 limit. Phew! Thank God and Adsense for the money. Of course this new record is mainly attributed by the US$64.52 that I earned on a single day on the 15th of October. How I wish I can earn this much every single day. Ha :D

Make Money Blogging,Adsense
A milestone for me.

So I earned an average US$11.60 every day in October. I hope I can keep this up this month. So what's my secret? I don't have any especially for a personal, general blog like mine. Honestly...there is no secret to rake in more money using Adsense unless you are using BlackHat tactics. All I did is to write quality content and optimize my blog's SEO. I managed to earn this much with Adsense because of the traffic that I am funneling in right now. At this moment, this blog of mine (Tekkaus.com) has 2000 unique visitors and 5000 pageviews. As you can see, the key to earn more with Adsense is traffic.

Make Money Blogging,Adsense
I have managed to earn US$326.37 because of this traffic.

Make Money Blogging,Adsense
Thank you search engine traffic

So if you wanna increase your Adsense earning for you blog, pay more attention on how to get more traffic especially if your blog is a normal, personal, general blog, just like mine. Ha :D For starters, read the Top 5 traffic tips that Yaro Starak has taught me. Try to use them to increase your blog traffic. And when your traffic  increases, so will your Adsense earning. Happy make money blogging folks. :)