Friday, October 15, 2010

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy!

Sometimes I can barely open my eyes while riding my Black Horsy to work. I had been late for work twice already in the space of 10 days (sorry boss). Every day I only managed to chalk up around 3 to 4 hours of interrupted sleep. Sometimes...I can only get 1 hour of sleep. OMG, it is a miracle that I am still standing. Well...well...being a daddy is never easy and I kinda expected this hectic and almost breathless lifestyle since the arrival of my darling little Jordan. At times...I can't even really sit down and have my meal. LOL :D

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Jordan
Look at my little Jordan...he is so sleepy already. :p

Being a daddy and a husband is really challenging, more so if you have to depend on your own. Since both my wife and my moms are no longer around to help us to tend to our little baby, we will do everything on our own. Every day after work I will rushed home and try to do all the house chores before my dad and wife come home. By the time I am almost done, they will be home already. After my wife and I quickly take our dinner, off we go to bring our Jordan boy back from the babysitter's place. The moment my little Jordan comes home, we will give him all our attention. All of us we will playing with him and entertain him. Ha :D

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Jordan
Sometimes I am sleepy too while feeding him. :p

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Jordan
A must do every time after he drinks milk-Buuuurrrrppp!

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Jordan
Come~daddy bathes you~

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Jordan
Jordan, "Daddy~not dream lar. It is dear."
He likes to sing too. :)

You see, my little Jordan resembles me in a sense that he is kinda nocturnal too. In other words, he is very active at night. He doesn't want to lay on the bed all the time and he wants to be carried. If not, he will "demand" you to sing songs for him. Sometimes playing toys with him can also help to make him sleepy. Then at night he might wake up a few times because he is hungry. I try to feed him most of the time as I want my wife to rest. After I have fed little Jordan milk, most of the time he will be wide awake already...and guess what? He wants to play at 4am in the morning. LOL :D

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Jordan
Little Jordan likes to sleep in my arms...

It is really, really tiring I can assure you. So taxing that I feel like sometimes I am sleepriding to my company, then sleepwalking in the office and sleeptalking with my colleagues. Hmm...have I been sleepeating? LOL :D Anyway you get the idea right? But I am not complaining at all. In fact since my little Jordan has come into my life, I am now a very, very happy person. It feels so blissful to have such experience. :)

Tekkaus Is A Busy Full Time Daddy,Little Jordan
Little Jordan is my everything right now.