Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tekkaus-The Nescafe Freak!

Yes, in case you don't know. Probably because this is your maiden contact with me-Tekkaus...I am a self-confessed coffee-holic. I love to drink any hot beverage with caffeine in it. Since I craze for coffee so much or  should I say the addictive caffeine in it, there's where most of my money is drained into. I believe I can call myself a Nescafe Freak because I guzzle down at least 3 cups of Nescafe every day. That's the minimum you know! Imagine if I am in the mood for coffee, I can sip 5 to 10 cups per day. Crazy right?

I Am A Nescafe Freak
Nescafe Freak-That's me folks!

Nescafe will surely love customers like me who drink their products as if they were water. Beats me to know that caffeine is really that addictive. No wonder caffeine has been dubbed the second Nicotine! It is virtually impossible for me to resist coffee's callings. Unlike you guys...I don't drink coffee because I am tired or sleepy. I drink coffee because I craze for it! I drink coffee simply because I "gian" (addicted) for it, just like how smokers can't resist to puff almost every hour. Should I enroll into a "rehabilitation" center for my sin?

I Am A Nescafe Freak
Actually I only drink the regular Nescafe.
I bought the sugarless Nescafe (Brown) just for the sake of the mug.

When did this terrible habit of mine started to take root in me? Hmm...let me see...thinking...thinking...a~ha! Now I know. I believe this never ending nightmare of mine started back in university. Back then perhaps I had plenty of assignments to complete, that's why I have to drink coffee to help me stay away. Now you know the reason right? Who should take the blame? 2 culprits here: Assignments and Nescafe.

I Am A Nescafe Freak
I love Nescafe red mug! I heart Nescafe! :D

But I gotta admit that Nescafe is one of the most aromatic "cheap" coffee that I have ever drunk before. Is it because of the perfectly roasted Arabica coffee beans that they are using? Or is it because the other ingredients (sugar, creamer etc.) are flawlessly blended to give it such a rich taste? Or Nescafe added their secret addictive-nicotine? That's why Nescafe is so addictive? Haha :D Whatever the reasons might be, I heart Nescafe a lot. Ok, gotta go now. Nescafe is looking for me.

How many cups of coffee (Nescafe) do you drink every day?