Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Hell Gates Have Been Opened!

Last night, marked the opening of the gates of Hell! If you were like me, residing in Malaysia, you would have noticed about what was happening right? Throngs of people took the sides of the streets to offers prayers, food and "money" to the dead ones. Countless joss sticks together with their smokes filled our air. Innumerable candles had enlighten our night. This shows that the Ghost Month has begun. It is their time of the year folks! And when I say it is THEIRS, you know they are everywhere right now. Perhaps they are looking at what I am typing. Ha :D

The Hell Gates Have Been Opened
What was left...

Each year, the Hell Gates will be opened once to allow all the ghosts and spirits to have a "vacation"! Yupe! Ghosts need vacations too ok! Life in hell sure is hard besides being scorching hot...partly due to global warming. :p So for the whole month, all the ghosts can roam freely in our world to pay their living family and relatives a visit. In other words, in this month...they are all given "license" to do whatever they want in our world as long as they abide the rules given.

The Hell Gates Have Been Opened
The gates are now open...

So don't be surprised if you are feeling some "presence" around you these few weeks. Goosebumps and raised hair are perfectly normal. If you are lucky, you might even hear voices. Then should be careful folks. Try to avoid going out late at night, as some of the ghosts are in our world to wreak havoc. Some ghosts are so vengefulness that you might end up being  their "victims". And....ouh...yeah! Please advice your little ones not to eat, kick or play with the food they see along the roads. Other than that...this is a month for us to remember our departed loved ones. :)