Thursday, July 1, 2010

How My Adsense Earning Increased By 150%?

A whopping 150% Adsense Increment! I wanna ask if any of you guys out there are experiencing this phenonmenon last month (June 2010)? My Adsense revenue for the month of June increased by at least 150%. I am not joking, and neither am I trying to show off. Instead I am begging (I am kneeling right now) those Adsense experts out there to solve this perplexing exponential Adsense increment for me. I hope with your help I can make this increment permanent and not just something temporary.

Adsense Google

You see, I didn't make any obvious Adsense changes before the month of June. But since the 1st day of June, my daily Adsense earning has been reporting some lucrative earning until today (1st of July 2010). Moreoever my traffic is more or less the same before the sudden spike. I am wondering if this Adsense increment is due to the World Cup? Hence I believe a lot of you out there are cashing on this World Cup too?

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Can someone help me?

I hope this Adsense fortune that I am making will not be temporary. Hmm...why? Can anyone figure it out already? Then again is it because I have activated my Feng Shui's Wealth Corner at 3am just like what Foongpc suggested? Ha :D Or is it because my domain has just turned 2? And hence it gained more Adsense revenue due to its stability in WWW?

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Thank you for the money Google! :)

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