Monday, February 22, 2010

A Hot Tiger Year For Who?

Is it me or it is really getting hot in here? These few days the climate is unbelievably hot. They say this type of weather is perfectly normal during Chinese New Year. Serious? But IMHO, it is way too hot for a lot of us right? I noticed that there are fewer cars during this CNY especially on high ways...fewer people who go house-visiting...and definitely fewer lion dance troupe strutting their stuff! Why? Hopefully this hot, humid weather is only temporary if not we know that global warming is hot on our heels and 2012 will be a reality. Arrggghhhh... :O


But they say one man's "poison" is another man's "meat"! Literally speaking of course. And these hot scorching days have turned out to be a sizzling hot boon for air-conditioning unit sellers. Electrical outlets across our country have reported brisk sales for their air-con and they have only the hot tiger year to thank. I bet they hope this hot burning streak will continue aye.

Where is this? At Sengheng?

Datuk Koay Ah Meng, who is the adviser of Federation of Malaysian Electrical Appliances Dealers Association, said sales of air-conditioners had shot up to nearly 100,000 units nationwide since the start of February (in just 22 days?). And in Penang, 1,000 units were being sold daily. Warr....Penang people are really rich huh! Or is it because the weather there is hotter? :p

Hahaha :D Skinless tiger.

So this Tiger year is hot right? But for who right? So let us do a simple survey shall we? you have air-conditioner unit(s) fitted at your home right now? How many do you have? :p