Friday, November 6, 2009

USB Finger Dance Mat!

I'm sure a lot of your are familiar with the dance mat right? You usually see it in the game arcades. Most of these dance mats are divided into 3x3 matrix of square platform for us to stand on. This Dance Mat used to be an exclusive item reserved only at the crowded arcade, but later Playstation and XBox started to manufacture these dance mat for their own game consoles. Hence you can dance for long hours without the need to change for tokens. But what if are addicted to it and you are in your office right now? Will your legs be itching for some action?

Hit it!

Plus some of you will be so bored during the office lunch break. So here's a cure for your office boredom! Introducing USB Finger Dance Mat to feed your addiction for this game. But well...of course no feet are involved. Now you can have fun in the very comfort of your tables and cubical with this cheeky little Dance Mat!

This ingenious USB product take off the arcade style dance mat perfectly in terms of looks and game play. Yep! This USB finger dance mat is a carbon copy of the real deal! Moreover it is so small that you can carry it around. Ha :D So now you can play this baby in Starbucks too? I'm sure your fingers will be busy tapping the mat rather than holding your coffee cup now aye.

Just like its "Mama"!

How to get started? Just plug and play. Plug this baby into the USB port and select the mode of game you wish to play. Hit the start button and you are on your way to execute some serious dance moves. Just dance on the arrows as they illuminates! But beware, it gets trickier when the lights keep flashing faster. :D

I like to move it~move it! :p

You'll also get a cut-out disco diva finger puppet for you to dress up your fingers! Pretty cool huh! I'm sure this is a great way to beat your office boredom. For only $10, I thing this is a truly bargain. And I thing this will be an awesome Christmas gift too. But remember don't dance too rough ok! :D

Watch how you can dance!

P.S.: You can get your won USB Finger Dance Mat at Gadget's shop. Click here to buy your dancing mat now. (I'm not earning any money from this) :p That's all for now folks. Have an awesome weekend ok.

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