Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photographer Being Photographed

It's Wordlesser Wednesday again folks! Today's post will a short and sweet one. I'm not going to write a long, wordy post for the sake of all of you (or because I am just plain lazy). :p Today's quikie will proceed with my adventure in Midvalley! Still remember the Kampung Midvalley? After I had cam-whored in the "village" I decided to snap one last photo before I leave. I was searching...and searching...for a "subject". Then suddenly I saw a very interesting post which I was not going to miss. CLICK!


Haha :D My "subject" happened to be the security guard looking out for the village. She was helping visitors to snap some photos. Immediately I switched on the camera and "caught" her in the act. Voila~Photographer being photographed! The first time I have ever captured such a shot with the photographer not knowing it. That's all folks! Anyway have a nice Wednesday everyone. :p

~First Commenter~