Monday, October 26, 2009

Lonely No More Akon

Yesterday Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam was here in Malaysia. Ok! Akon was here in Sunway Lagoon Beach for the Freedom Beach Concert. So did you guys joined the party? I wished I could be there too but heck...I am not such a big fan of his until I am willing to trade my Sunday. But if his concert was held here in Malacca, I might give it a second thought. I'm sure a lot of you were having a great time right? And Akon surely rocked the whole Sunway Lagoon right? Did Akon caused any "mini" tsunami in the water park? :p

Was he a criminal?

So was Akon really convicted of any crime in the past? Hmmm...I'm still unsure about it but it was reported that he was defamed and he is clean. Who cares. I just know that he is a heck of a great singer. Arguably the best in his era, in his own genre! I first got to know about Akon in 2006 when I was working part time for an exhibition fair. Then there was this song which was played over and over again.

My first Akon song!

Usually I would get annoyed. But that song way is just too catchy and cute for me to be mad. Later I found out that the singer is Akon. Gosh! His voice is velvetly unique and sweet. Since that day I have been listening to his songs from time to time. And whenever he rolled out any new singles over the radio, I can instantly identify is is Akon...why? Because his voice is just too distinct! :)

So I hope those who didn't go to his concert will enjoy this number ok. :) So are you still lonely?

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