Monday, October 19, 2009

Beyonce's Sweet Dreams

It is Monday again folks. Time sure flies huh! It is already October and another few more days we will be in holidaying mood, at least for the schooling kids. Today I am going to feature Beyonce in my Music Monday since she is coming to Malaysia soon. Queen B will be performing this coming 25th of October at our Bukit Jalil National Stadium. This time is it for real? She called off her concert once due to pressure from certain political party in Malaysia. Of course it has something to do with her clothing. But this time around she decided to adhere to the law and bare less flesh!

Warr....what yoga post is this??

I am sure a lot of Beyonce fans are so happy to know that she will be here to perform. But will she cancel her concert again at the 11th hour? We never know right? After all she is renowned for her revealing costume and raunchy dance moves. Some people will go really crazy at the sight of the this sexy Diva! But we have to admit that the award-winning Beyonce can really belt out some powerful songs for our hearing pleasure.

She surely will be banned if this is her costume! :D

Have you heard her latest Sweet Dreams? I thought this number is great too although not as good as Irreplaceable. :p Sweet Dreams is really catchy and infectious as it go along. Tune to it and within seconds you'll grove to the beat. The MTV is even more viral with Beyonce scantily clad and her dance moves are considered as "lewd", at least according to them (certain political party in Malaysia). But I'm sure after watching this, she'll be banned. Ha :D I am expecting more demonstration to protest against Beyonce performing here. Unless she promises to don baggy T-Shirt during the whole concert! Ha :D

Enjoy the MTV!

That's all for today folks. Click here to watch HQ Sweet Dreams MTV! I need a rest now. Enjoy your Monday ok. :)

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