Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Olympus Camedia C-310 Zoom!

This is the first camera that I really could toy around with. My beloved late mommy bought it a few years ago. To be exact it, I accompanied Mum to Seng Heng back in 2004 to get ourselves a brand new camera. I was the one who suggested Mommy to get this Olympus Camedia C-310 Zoom! Very weird huh, the name has a Zoom at the end. LOL :D I love this camera very much. I don't know why...but I have always have this strong affinity towards Olympus cameras. Guess what? My wife's camera is also from the Olympus stable. :)

My Olympus Camedia! :p

5 years ago, this so-called "budget priced" camera cost Mom a whooping RM1,000! No kidding! Gosh! If I were to compare the price and specs we can get from digital cameras is as if we have been foolishly cheated. But that's the norm in technology. Honestly I am quite surprised that my (a~hem) Olympus can still work perfectly even after half of decade. This goes to show that Mommy's hard-toiled money is well spent right?

I'm loving my Zoom!

C-310 Zoom is one bulky digital camera. It is definitely not pocketable in your ordinary pants unless your are wearing cargos with large pockets and pouches! Do you know how "fat" it is? Read this: 3.6cm or 1.5 inch thick! Wow! A far cry from the slim cameras on shelf nowadays! I believe not many are willing to carry around my camera. :p

You see...thick right?

My Olympus C-310 Zoom spots a 1.8inch LCD, which is still ok for me. Although it only has a 3.2 megapixel CCD and a 3x optical zoom, it still manage to churn out quality photos. Besides that it includes 5 scene modes for me to choose from. Apart from that this baby here has an optical real image view finder! Now that is something to shout about!

Did you notice the view finder?

Besides being bulky, this camera also does not support shooting of movie with sound! Too bad huh! :( The shutter speed of this camera is relatively slow too. Moreover there is no rechargeable battery included. Hence we need to get our own rechargeable AA batteries. This camera is really a battery sucker! So if you were to get yourself a new digital camera, make sure rechargeable battery is included ok!

Memory slot and AA batteries compartment!

Despite its various shortcomings, I love my Olympus Camedia C-310 Zoom! I think it is because I bought it together with beloved Mama 5 years ago. :) It gives me a lot of memories.


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