Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's Get it Started English Premier League!

Hello EPL (English Premier League) or BPL! Here we go again, football crazy folks! Barely another few more hours, we will be witnessing the first blood of the new EPL season. The wait is finally over. For those who have been starving for your weekly dose of English Premier League matches, your thirst will be quenched today. Now...your life will be meaningful again right? Have you don your favourite team's new jerseys, boots or even underwear? Ha :D Let's get it started shall we?

It has begun...

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. In Spain, Real Madrid has caused a "ruckus" in the transfer market despite the current global economy recession. Perez Fiorentina showed the world how deep is his pocket by prizing away Cristiano Ronaldo with the world's most expensive price tag to date. Besides that Karem Benzema and Xabi Alonso has also been recruited into the Madridista! Real's ability to splurge really dwarf their nemesis Barcelona.

Will Ronaldo be missed?

Likewise in England, a new storm is brewing and is ready to rattle the Top 4. We are talking about Manchester United's neighbour. Manchester City, fuelled by the endless cash from their Sheikh owners, is ready to be a serious contender. 3 big names has been hijacked: Carlos Teves, Adebayor and Gareth Barry! Obviously, City is so damn rich. So can they repeat what Mourinho did with Chelsea?

We won't be seeing that in Devil's shirt anymore.

With the rise of City, the shift of power could really happen...but as whose expense? Arsenal certainly looks like the most vulnerable one but then again in football, anything can happen right? As usual, the Red Devils will be the kick off as the favourite. Can Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool topple the reigning champion? Will the departure of the mercurial Ronaldo and industrious Tevez cost Man. United dearly? Is the old wine-Owen, the answer for United's scoring problem?


Can Rooney and new-kid-on-the-block, Valencia, helped Man. United to retain their championship? Can Lampard and Drogba regain their magical touch to reclaim the crown? Can Torres and Gerrard dovetail again to produce another breathtaking performance that almost snatch their first EPL cup in 2 decades. How about Arsene's Arsenal then? Can Fabregas and Ashravin bring back their glory days back to Emirates and emulate their "invisible" predecessor? Likewise can City's new recruits, Tevez and co. staged a surprise?

Can United prevail again?

Even without Ronaldo and Tevez, Fergueson had fired the first salvo by declaring that they could still clinch all 4 cups available to them this season. Isn't this a little persumptuous? The scot has better proved to the criics, fans and neutrals that Manchester United is still a force to be reckoned. I believe Fergueson is a shrewd manager and he can do one better than last season. So can Fergie guide Manchester United to yet another milestone-their 19th EPL crown? I believe they can.

Still the manager to beat.

OMG! All the excitements...oh...I can see it in your eyes right now. Are you ready folks? You'd better book your place at your favourite mamak stalls ok. For those at home, be sure to keep the remote ok! Haha :D

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