Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Imbecilic ISA Protests In KL!

It was supposed to be an enjoyable trip for my family, but the moment we reached KL we knew we were in for a "torrid" time. Perhaps I have made it sound worse than it was, but the truth is road protest are plain imbecile! Their actions are blatantly cretinous. Whether they are opposing or supporting the ISA, I believe these people should have directed their energy and efforts on something else. But they didn't. They chose to take the roads to show how "righteous" and how great their are (my foot). I am so bemused to discover how ignorant they are. Yes! I know how draconian the ISA is but...Couldn't all these selfish protesters hold their "holy" demonstration at other venues where they won't be obstructing the traffic? Ouh...I have forgotten...these people ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!

Jam! Jam! Jam!

Last Saturday, daddy, brother, my beloved wife and I decided to travel to KL to have our "mini vacation". You see, dad seldom had this kind of opportunity to relax himself. He had been waiting for this trip like...a month. Yes, we had planned this a month earlier. But the moment we had passed the Sungai Besi toll, we were so horrified...we were invited by bumper-to-bumper crawls. Road blocks and polices were every where. We could have checked in earlier, but due to all these road blocks, we were delayed by a staggering 1 hour 30 minutes. So thank you protesters! Thank you for proving to us how fatuous you all really are.

Part of the actions!

Dad was really disappointed though. We had planned to visit a few places but due to the road protests, we had to call off some of our plans. We had to reroute again and again because of all the chaos. Again, thank you glaikit protesters! Do you know that the hotel we were staying is in the heart of the protests? That's why I could witness all these derisible protesters pulling their stunts. Some used children as their shield (how great, happy parents' day); some even resorted to tarnishing their religion by shouting "Allahuakhbar! Allahuakhbar!" (God Almighty) while exhibiting wild behaviour! Yet they call themselves "Anak Malaysia". My Foot! These lawless gobdaws shouldn't call themselves children of Malaysian. What a shame!

Let me ask you...in the end...
did anyone benefits from all these protests???

P.S. I'm waiting for the retaliation. Bring it on.

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