Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Am In Stadium Hang Jebat These Few Days

These few days I have been pretty busy. I have to woke up very, very early and come back late. But frankly the time is similar to my ordinary working schedule but at different venue. Ha :D So what am I complaining? These few days I rode my Black Horsy and traveled around 10 minutes to my temporary working place-Stadium Hang Jebat! Aww...I'm sure a lot of you must be wondering what I am doing here (there) right? Guess what? I'm going to tell on folks. :D

Welcome to Stadium Hang Jebat!

Inside of it!

These few days are really cloudy!

What does this look like?

Well...again...guess what folks? I'm not going to tell you what I am doing over there...not NOW at least. But if you read very can also guess the nature of my job! Tomorrow is my final day at the Stadium Hang Jebat. I gotta sleep early guys. :D

Tomorrow is the last day I'll be here.

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