Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Teens: Beware of Dairy!

If you are a teen, you need to be wary! Here's something that will appeal to those teens who care a lot about their appearances. And guess what? It has something to do with what your parents have been wanting you to gulp down since you are a baby. What I am talking about? It's MILK! Yes! Moreover it's a norm that we should consume milk daily for our own well-being. you know that milk can pose potential problem to you too? At least...superficial problems which you devote a lot of time and energy in. Hehe ;D

Do you consume this a lot?

Are you ready for the milky truth? Do you know that drinking milk can make acne in teens (YOU) worse? According to researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, those who consume milk might risk the wrath of acne. Why?'s because the hormones and growth factors produced by cows, which we ingest through their milk either powder of fresh milk, exacerbate the state of flux of teens' hormones. Hence give rise to your waiting-to-erupt "volcanic" acne! OMG! Can you imagine it?

Must be the milk aye.

During puberty, steroids produced by the body lead to the production of sebum, blockage of sebaceous glands in the skin and colonisation of bacteria in skin follicles. Ewwww....yuckkss! :p This reminds me of my full-of-acne face when I was 13 years old. I bet puberty was the culprit then huh. Thank goodness the nightmare was a temporary one. Pheww... :D

Maybe you are.

So should you stop drinking milk? NO. But it is advisable that you teens with acne have no more than 3 glasses of milk daily. I don't have any acne problems nowadays. Maybe it's because I don't drink milk anymore...then again, it's because I'm very old already. LOL :p "But my mum says milk can gimme calcium!" Well, your calcium intake can be boosted with a multivitamin with calcium and with non-dairy milk products such as from soya-based foods. Ok? So don't tell your mum that Tekkaus suggest you to quit your daily dairy.

Then again...drinking milk can make you sexy!

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