Monday, July 27, 2009

Today In Malacca It Rains, Pours & Floods!

Earlier today I gazed through the window and I could see it was drizzling. I thought it was sweet, since the weather is so scorching hot recently. Well...that "naive" musing was conjured in the morning. Later at 2.30p.m., I was dumbfounded as I stepped out of the office. I was horrified...utterly taken aback with what I witnessed. The drizzle did not fizzle out, it continues to pour! The worse part is, there is flood right now. Yes! My working place is flooded. Gosh! I was not going to stay there, trapped, because it certainly looks like a "longevity" rain. Although I was riding my bike, I was still very determined to brave the rain and mini floods to be back to my home.

"Mini" flood...

Immediately I slipped on my sandals and folded my pants before I hit the flooded alley to the place where my Black Horsy stood obediently. After I donned my raining coat, off I stormed against the rain and splashes of water. On my way hope, I kept on praying that my home will not be victimised again. I rode slowly so that my bike won't skid. 15 minutes later, I reached home and I was really relieved that my home is safe. Thank God!

I look silly huh!

Wow! What a day! As I am typing right is still raining. Hopefully it will stop soon. I don't want to be evacuated again. My...when it rains, it pours and floods too huh! I heard some of the neighbouring housing areas are not that lucky. Those areas have been flooded. I'm sorry for them. Hopefully the water will recede soon. My prayers for them!

Thank goodness, I have a "spare" sandals in the office.
If not my shoes will be goners. =)

Don't forget to wash your legs ok!